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August 2, 2010

Suffering the National crisis

The country is in trouble. BIGG TIME!!

The recent rains and floods all over Khyber pakthunkuwah and Punjab have devatated life like anything. 1100 have already died. Thousands are homeless and millions have no one to seek refuge from. The rains are pouring in and it is estimated that the next two days will bring worse flood for Sindh as well. We have not even gotten out of trauma of the recent airbus tragedy that killed 152 people on board, that this flood thing has hit us like anything.

David Cameron is making obscene comments about Pakistan, standing at the Indian soil that "Pakistan is exporting terror" and he refuses to take his words back. And there we go, our president is out to France and plans for a visit to Britain as well. Rather relieving the people here in Pakistan, he is trying to straighten up the ambassador bonds,huh.

Pakistan Cricket team succumbs to the lowest total against England in the first test match. Worst defeat by 354 runs.

Arent we in a total mess?

May God have some Mercy over us!

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