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August 11, 2010

The world of beautiful people !

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" goes a famous saying. Agreed. What if someone doesnt have eyes to see?
Beauty is something that is not only seen. It is felt. It is touched with emotions. Beauty doesnt necessarily imply to havin a flawless skin in females and bare-chest males, rather it is the combined menifestation of one's aura, charisma to make people dwell into love with you. This world is full of beautiful people, all so much different from us, yet so very nice, so very humble. Agreed, that bad people in the world exist more, but isnt it like this the world becomes as you see it. IF you do good, goodness will come back to you(i think so).
For the past couple of days, i 've thinking abt how different people of the world are, it is because of Allah who is the Creator. He has put so much glow, so much diversity in this world that the longer we keep gazing at it.. the more we are compelled to say .."Waraye aqal hai teri khudaai" (God, we cant reach to your imagination)
Beautiful people, great many places, astonishing sights and much much more. No matter if its a black or white, a chinese or a european,we all are connected with the bond of humanity. This world is a heavin, in itself.
Thank You Allah for giving us the eyes to see and the heart to feel this beauty.
God, tussi greatest ho!!

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