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May 7, 2010

Shoaib-Sania "Veer-Zara, Version 235.7,Inc "

This aint the first time, we are hearing love blossoming between the mango-people (aam loag) of arch nuclear-rivals, India & Pakistan.
Why I refer to Shoaib Malik & Sania Mirza,here as AAM LOAG is because when they are out of sports, they are ordinary people like us, who have a life that is meant to be private, which never happens, since the people of subcontinent love gossiping about celebrities private life, here, there and everywhere.

The news came as a pleasant surprise to people of both the countries,especially Pakistanis who were sick of watching the hindi masala of bollywood flicks where the girl HAD to be necessarily from Pakistan, falling in love and leaving everything behind (including her morals & ethics) for the INIDAN guy. Not very filmi in its style, this time, the scenario is simply ROUND THE WICKET,with an Indian super tennis celebrity princess falling for the hearthrob young superstar of Pakistan. The couple is totally loveable!!

I heard Sania, reacting very maturely to her decision. She is positive about what she has chosen in her life, she seems excited about her future with Malik and at the same time, she still makes it clear that she is an Indian and will be a loyal one in the times to come. (Bravo, girlie)

As a Pakistani, I am excited to see her being married to Malik. This makes clear how wonderfully the people of Pak & India can relate to each other (if they want to). Indicating the thin line of rage and fire that has been ablazing us for the past 62 years. I am a prolific supporter of the two-nation theory, yet I beleive, there is a much better way to living the life than what we have adopted as neighbours since the partition occured. A lot of it is to be blamed by extremists at both sides of the border, yet ..it is nevr too late to mend !

Though i wish the best to this couple,yet I think Shoaib doesnt match the persona, Sania has, as a female sports person. Shes very strong & determined. Lets hope Shoaib manages to uplift her dreams & make her proud for the rest of her life. (amen)

As for Sania, shes a wonderful girl. A girl,who truely deserves to be applauded for what she has given to the Muslim girls all over the world, a persona of diversification, a charm of legacy, a smile to die for and the power of being "MYSELF". Her marriage is not going to change aything in the future of Pakistan tennis because she has all the rights to play for her country, as long as she plays tennis. Imagine turning up into a pak-indo match with Sania representing PAkistan.. WOOH.. not acceptable boss !!!...and yes. She will be as much Indian after marriage,as she is now. Thats reality and we respect it at all costs!

The sport stars unite this april. Lets hope for a better beginning for them as a couple and for us,the people of Pakistan & India.. with open hearts to each other!

Depending champions, Yo !

So, finally we lost the match against England. I had a bet with my chhoti bhabhi. She said we gonna lose. I said we wont, because i know how much it took for us to be in the Super-8 and we just couldnt afford to lose the match like THIS!
I mean, this was THE chance for the team to show they are the defending champions, to remove the stigma of being dePending champions.. dependent upon Aus & bangla match's fate to decide our entry into the super8.
Every cricket lover saw the difference between the winners and losers, between the spirit shown by Kevin Pieterson and the Pakistani team. As a die hard Pak team fan, i prayed for some miracle that we may win the match .. but yeah, catches win matches.. not miracles.. and above all, the PASSION, the JUNNOON, the FIRE, the IGNITION ..to retain the crown of CHAMPION..has its say and unfortunately we lack that, or dont know how to use it.
Kudos to England for the absolute win and Bravos to THE MAN.. Pieterson!!
If Pak team keeps on playing like this, if the captain doesnt take the responsibility of losing and say "DONT KNOW WHY WE ARE DOING BAD FIELDING".. then who.. tell me..WHO WILL STAND ..WHO WILL STAND FOR THE CHAMPIONS.. THE DEPENDING CHAMPIONS, EH ?