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June 26, 2010


"It was a foggy evening. I had gone out to buy some groceries. Had I had any other suitable thing to eat that night,I would'nt have gone out at all. The mist was creating chills in the environment. While outside,people were very less in number, still there were many out there to wrap their day's earnings to go home with their collections. Aah, life! And there I saw a middle aged woman, in extreme cold weather, she was dressed in a mini skirt, her bare legs covered with a net stalking, which werent even able to hide her nor give her the warmth she required. She was bargaining with a customer and she agreed for 20 dollars. She had 3 kids to feed and there was no other way out for her, so she chose this way"
While I read this description in one of my favorite novels, I stopped to think about that lady who had chosen to sacrifice a decent lifestyle, so that she could feed her kids. Responsibilities sometimes can be fatal. A person of my origin, my ethnicity would regard her act as totally INDECENT but who knows the physical hardships and mental pressures she had to go through to opt for a lifestyle that is meant to be this way.
We all are in awe of getting decepted by the physical appearances of people. We never see what's inside the heart. A boy with a beard will always be considered "shareef" in our society, no matter what he does. A girl, following burqa will always be a "shareef larki", no matter if she takes that burqa out immediately after reaching her workplace/institute. We all love to judge others at the cost of their physicalities.. and more or less, we are deceived everytime. To survive in this world, you need to slaughter your moral values and adjust them according to the sub-standards set by this world. Values, that are unethical. Rules that are brutally immoral. Why cant we be true to ourselves and BE OURSELVES. Why is it necessary to confide things in heart and be good to others in face. We are losers, because we dont have the courage to face the reality. Be it ours. Be it others. We would backbite about others but in face, we would be complimenting abt the same person. Cant we have same standards for everyone? The parameters on which I judge people are the same on which I expect them to judge me. But, aah ..people and this damn world, if you are a true person, you dont like to bribe, you dont sin, you dont tell lie.. then join the club. WE ARE MISFITS ! and sometimes, this feeling hurts and hurts a lot. Wish somebody could see the unseen dreams behind the true eyes.
Ab dekh yeh meri ujree hui aankhein,
dunya tere bare mein mere khuwab buhat thay!

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