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July 2, 2010

Another blast..

And last night,once again we were flooded with pictures of blood,flesh and extreme disgust following the LIVE coverage of suicide bomb blasts at lahore's Data Darbaar.
The bombers are supposedly beleived be in the age bracket of 20-22 yrs. Such young minds and such extreme hatred for life that they not only killed themselves but also were the reason to finish off the life forn 41 people with 175 seriously injured and hundreds of families that are left helpless after the sad demise of their husbands,sons and daughters.
Where will these bomb blasts lead us? Where will we end up? one day we have the blast,we mourn next day and everything returns to just NORMAL in the next 24 hours till we get another blast. We are so used to of this stuff. Our parents have given us all the very best in our lives.. but |Iwonder what are we going to give to our kids in the next 10 years?bomb blasts, crippled economy, dark future and a system that no longer exists!

Time to ponder. Where are we heading like this? Who is responsible and what needs to be done for the preservation of this nation and its people.

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