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July 16, 2010

Good VS Bad

Angel. This word to me is much more than "purity". There was a time in my life when I thought I am a very good person. I used to judge people upon what I perceived about them. I didnt know, that this world is a hypocrite place and people have faces beneath their real faces. Faces that may darken your life, may snatch away ur sanity, if you watch them in real. I was 17. Young, vibrant and true. I thought when I dont lie to people, even people wont lie to me. I had fantasies about this world and I was all set to preach people the goodness of nature, trusting each other, believing in friendship and most of all, ethical ways of loving and respecting each other. Then betrayals came my way. Losses, suffering, pain and emotional turmoil took me by storm. It was difficult for myself. But, I gathered immense spirit to keep myself going. I accepted my defeats, I bowed down to the sufferings, but I didn't lose hope. Time transcended me to become very strong. I learned to take people as they are. I met so many people who weren't that religious(includes some of my non-muslim janne wale) but they were far more a better person than I was. I never lied, I used to offer my prayers daily, I used to do everything that a good Muslim should do, but..i realised, abiding by the rules set by Almighty doesnt make me superior in front of Allah, rather its the goodness of nature, the inside person, the heart of a man, the taqwa residing in one's heart is what Allah likes.
I used to call myself "angel" because I thought I was "good". But I met people who were much more better than me in so many things. Who are we to decide about a person being right or wrong. Let the Superior Supreme decide it. As a human, I have my own weaknesses. But atleast I have the courage to accept my faults, ask Allah for forgiveness and try to be a better person than I am now!!

Pari jab apni buraiyon per nazar,
toh nigaah mein koi bura naa raha ..

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