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July 14, 2010

Grey's chemistry

While deciding to dress up for office, the only thing on my mind is to wear something that is not a repeatition in terms of colour only. I wont wear black for two consecutive days. Exceptions happen when I dont want to iron my clothes. (I am bad, bad, bad at ironing. I actually hate it)
Last night, out of nowhere, it came into my mind to wear grey, that I usually do not. Its quite a boyish color. I just wanted to wear it to distract myself from all the colorful happenings of my life. I wanted to look dull and different. So i wore grey. Boring, dull, inactive look.
I remember, one of my friend used to wear grey shirt with an awesome tie and I used to be obsessed by it. While I entered my office, I saw my friend (professional)who usually wears very light shades, I saw him in grey and exactly the same GREY that my earlier friend used to wear. I couldnt help smiling at the coincidence. Now, when I stepped in my room, saw the other friend in grey too. It felt like AWESOME. Dont know why, but this was surely the best-ever thing we shared. The magic of GREY. And I loved it. Our "Grey chemistry" :)

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