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July 3, 2010

Midnight at the sea..

Vast. Gigantic. Like a lover that never betrays you. And its the most obvious friend I have, always fully prepared to embrace me with wide arms. The sea.
All I could hear there were the sounds of my silence. My disembling thoughts. My array of life`s eternal prosthatetics. I always enjoy this extreme silence where the only noise i can hear directly is generated from my heart. I sit at the rocks. The water splashes over me and everytime it touches my feet seems like the first time I stepped into water with you. snobbishly, like a little kid who learns to walk by following the pattern set by his guardian to walk. You taught me all the obvious things in life. How to talk, how to help, how to do this how to do that. But you never told me .. how to react when you leave me. How to suffer the pain and yet smile at the world. You didnt tell me ever, that alone at midnight .while throwing pebbles into the sea, when it occurs to me that you arent there for me, what should I do. I walk past the shore in hurry. I play heavy rock to divert my attention.. but the only face crossing my mind remain yours. And I dont have any clue ..Why?
Samandar mein utarta hoon toh ankhein bheeg jati hein
Teri aankhon ko parhta hoon toh aankhein bheeg jati hein
Tumhara naam likhne ki ijazat chhin gai jab se
koi bhee lafz likhta hoon toh aankhein bheeg jati hein
Mein hans k jhail leta hoon judaai ki sabhi rasmein
galay jab uss k lagta hoon toh aankhein bheeg jati hein!

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  1. :"(the only face crossing my mind remain yours.
    plzzzzz come back..plzzzzzz :'(. the thought that u've left me cracks my heart tooo badly..u knew how much i used to love sea, but i cant enjoy sea side nemore.. really u never told me how to react when u leave me.. hold me the way u always used to hold me jb b me roti thi.. me aj b rori hun..plz comeback n hold me :"(


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