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July 6, 2010

Rain me blue !!

And i just love the magic of the sondhi sondhi matti ki khusbhoo after rain. Oh, i just love it!! :)
And after a strong heat wave, finally we saw God`s blessing in the form of tiny droplets of water splashing through the skies and falling upon us as His Love to us.
I pondered.. do I love rain much or did I love you much. The answer was obvious!
Rains have never been the same, since you arent around. The magic, the pureness, the bliss, the charisma of rain has just faded away sumwhere. I still love the rain, like I love you. But likewise rain olways makes me sad. Ever since I dont see you through my window, smiling in the rain.. my heart always goes grey in rain. I am blue without you.

Baarishon k mausam mein,
tumko yaad karne ki ,
adatein purani hein..
ab ki baar socha hai,
adatein badal denge,
phir khayal aya k,
adatein badalne se,
barishein nahin rukteen!

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