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July 26, 2010

The Super Supreme Authority has His own ways of dealing with His creatures !:)

Allah is the Supreme Authority. He is the Super Supreme. When I thought, I could change my fate, I could re-write life, the way , i wanted it to be, when I shone with over-confidence, something struck me, blocked my way, and circumstances led me to walk on a way, where I never wanted to go. Then I realised, there is someone else who controls us. He has his own plans. We either accept it or succumb to our fate. Allah showed me that He is the Authr
ority and He has His plans for me. It took me a lot of pain, sufferings and time to realise what immaculous favours Allah did to me by changing my path. Only, if humans could realise !!
Destiny is pre-defined. Fate is locked. Then who says prayers can change the course of our lifetimes? Nevertheless, I have a firm believe. I ask from Allah. Not for my ownself but for many others around me because it is Allah who says .. "mujh se mango, mein tumhari duaon ko qubool karta hoon".
I feel the pain to look behind, last year.. just one whole last year.. what did I ask Allah and what did He give me in return.. all in all His route of plans! :)
I bow down. Because Believers do no question. I do, but thats my human instinct and I know, Allah will forgive me for it. The most happening stuff this year was to meet few people, I never knew I could be friends with and bingo! there they are , in my life, so contrary to me.. yet so important part of my life they have been. And as the night of 15th Shabaan comes closer, I wonder ... what lies ahead for me this year. What fate decides for me. What new things I get into. What do i lose next year ... and what do I gain.
So I make a wish, I make a small silent prayer to The Supreme Authority that "God, Give me the strength to endure happiness in everything that You decide for me. Give a lot of health, wealth, prosperity and serenity to my family and give my "friends" all that they wish for". aameen!
P.S: Can we make a deal on buying a car in prayers?

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