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July 10, 2010


They say.. "The only thing permanent in life is change"
Thanks but no thanks, that it stands true in its deepest meanings. Human life is all about experiencing changes every day, every minute. Its like a road where a u-turn can appear out of nowhere and you are left with no option to succumb to it. You like it or not, but changes are there.. in people, in attitudes, in priorities and change always occurs with the passage of time. Its how we react to those changes make us a successful person or keep us a loser.
Transitions are necessary. They are bound to make you strong, give you insight of the experienced world and help you deal with life more maturely and more strategically. But there are certain changes..in people.. that hurt you. No matter how much you escape from them, they hit you, they creep like bugs into your life. They are gothic. They follow you like ghosts.No matter how much you hide from them, they resurface .. like angina. Powerful but not fatal. They hurt you deep and you yet manage to survive.
I am surviving. Choking. But yet surviving. Adhering to the changes that your time and your priorities made in my life, without my consent, without my wish.
"Its hard to hold a candle in the cold november rain.."
But, give up.. I wont. I'll be stronger than ever. And I wish, you just wait & watch.

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