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July 18, 2010

A wonderful morning with my three idiots!

Its always wonderful to wake up in the morning ,rubbing my eyes to watch three little cute little clumsy figures watching me in astonishment. They cherish waking me up. "Yay, fizzy, good morning', now we will play games on computer, then u will tell us horror stories, then u will take us to park where we will play cricket and fizzy will be the last one to bat and then we will go for icecream, hai na fizzy ??
And I love to listen to their plans and making them successful. Its great to exploit their innocent will for the sake of one whole day of pure entertainment, when I tell them " Great plans.but for that you have to ...'' and they exactly know what they have to do. They have to start with a series of kisses and end up giving me head massages with their innocently cute hands.
Its irritating while watching Child''s play, they want to know the story from me, in 10 minutes before it appears on the screen. "us ne aisay q nahin kia, us ne usay mar kiun nahin dia, woh aisay karta toh bach jata, woh bewakuf tha, use pata nahin tha k woh churail he, usay us guriya ko apne friend ko gift kardena chahiye tha''. LOL
And watching cricket with them is a pure bliss. At this age, their love& knowledge of this game is phenomenal. I wish, Moiz joins cricket one day.
Children are so innocent. I feel their warmth. I feel the magical spell of their love which is completely self-less. I love to love them. Ahmed (10), Moiz (9) and my boyfriend Daniyal (8) are like my babies. I've seen them growing. I remember the first time, ahmed learned to walk. When he spoke his first words, when his first tooth erupted .. and there they are growing big, day after day mashaAllah. Its such a wonderful feeling to have them around and fantasize them with a dream childhood,one could have with a loving phuppo, one that I never had ! :)

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