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October 29, 2010

Our virtual world..

The WWW world. My world. Your world. Our world. The world of global citizens. The universe of global netizens. World of people from all walks of life from the highest management levels, the trouble shooters, the students, the lawyers, the doctors, the journalists, the aspiring writers, the fashionistas, the networkers, the pharmacists, the desperados looking out for "frrraandships", the sultry looking for the right match, the hunks looking for time pass, the moms looking for new recipes, the kids searching for new games, the hi-tech eyeing the latest electronic gadgets, the dadi amma for her bawa-adam k zamane old romantic songs that remind her of the first time she saw & fell in love with daada ji,the papa's for keeping up with 45 year old school friends, the 8- yr old newbies who think that at school,one who doesnt have a facebook profile is so un-cool. The teachers, the researchers, the bloggers, the celebrities, the twitterattis, the diggers, and not forgetting the few criminal minded using this world for their crimes, the internet robbers, the ATM looters, the software stealers, this WWW world has taken everyone by storm.

I wonder, how technologically advanced we've become. In a way, it feels so good, to be part of a network where you have the power to say it all, to be connected to your nursery grade friends, to be able to rewind the magic of your 1st birthday party on a projector screen, and to be able to tell to the world "What's happening" in 140 characters or so, anytime from anywhere! Internet has revolutionized our lifestyle. I feel great about this. You can make friends out of anywhere in the world, have access to every bit of god damn information about any topic in the world. As a friend once said, Earlier it was "Think before you speak" and now it is "Google before you tweet", the world is literally on your fingertips. The Social Networking sites have made life much easier with access to people in such an easy way. New friends who tell you stories from their part of the world, I tell you east meets west and vice versa. Not only friends from the world, but friends from your own country, from cities you never thought could be so cool to produce such indigenous minds. So here you go, knowing about their public life, their personal life and even what they are doing at what time of the day. Some even share how *** his/her spouse looks at th oddest hours of night! (samajh toh ap gaye honge) Add photos, share intimate moments and bang! You become part of this magical world. This magical world, that I am part of. That I love to be at in my prime time of the day, every day.

But suddenly,I realise there is something missing! There is something that is wrong. In the quest of finding new friends, havent we gotten out of touch from our old buddies. We surely have had our nursery grade friend back in our life after 12 years and its feels great too, but what about the only friend of yours who has been with you in the toughest phase of your life in the past few years, who stood by you, supported you, encouraged you. Friends, who have shared the best of your time with you. Would you ever dare to forget their birthday? Thanks to facebook, eh? You proudly list your siblings at your profile, but do you have time to sit around and talk to them over a cup of coffee? When we meet up in the family, that too on events, we are still busy writing (read tweeting) about how sick the old aunties are and what crap your cousins are talking about around you, but do you ever keep your mobile away from you and literally go talk to your dadi amma to know how she has been doing in all these years. How is she coping up with post-daada-ji-life. Do you ever take time to talk to your retired father about the days of his glory, the days of his youth? Do we manage to ask our mom to rekindle us the magical moment when she first saw our face? do we ask them how they have been doing without us in all these years while we were busy at uni/office. We go to work, we are pursuing higher education, we only go home to sleep. We work even at home (read chat), so the usual home dinners of families is lost somewhere. Everyone is eating according to his own schedule. No dine-in togethers. We are busy socializing, mostly at the web. Where are the good old times when guys used to sit at the chabootra's in the gali, the times where night wouldnt fall upon us till we hear our daadi's telling us fascinating bed time stories.

I wonder why do people have to wish their spouse at a social networking site only? Dont you live together. Dont you get two minutes to wish your special one LIVE. Birthdays are wished. Candle-blown images are posted to each other's wall but nothing beats the happiness of having your best friends wake you up at 12 am to wish you birthday in their extreme besuri voice. I bet you over that.
Tell me frankly, out of your 300+ friends at facebook, how many are the ones that you talk to daily? Talk as if you share your life with them. Privacy settings are changed for ecah new addition in your contact list and I bet there must be only 80-100 out of your 300+ friendlist that you'd like to give access to watch your private photos and see private content you share. Having your boss added at your account under the term "friend" doenst make him "friend". Isnt it :)

How many times, you see your virtual friends online at Instant messengers, and how many times do you guys initiate a conversation? Think!
This virtual world may be full of opportunities, but we may take time to think and reconsider our real world image as well. Relationships arent made by making one your sibling at the FB profile, rather there is a lot of time, space and love required to make those relationships work. People who are virtually not present in your cyber world also need your attention guys!

Go give your mom a big hug for being the most beautiful woman ever and a tight hug to your dad for spending his youth on you. Your sister for being the best laraka tayyara ever and your brother for being the best jigarr. Neverthless, give a call to your friends. Speak to them about themselves. After all life is all about making relationships. As I see the autographs from most of my friends in my slambook earlier.. "Make new friendships but dont forget the old ones". Yes,Expand your virtual world, reverberate your network but please dont forget the old buddies!

P.S: FB is mentioned here because our is a FB-addicted nation. I was once too, magar ab mene yeh nasha karna chhor dia hai :p

October 15, 2010

The small pleasures of Life

Life’s Good- We all know that. Life’s hard- We know that too. Life is an unending enigma that has its own rise & falls, own fantasies & negativity’s and every person categorizes life upon his own outlook of perceptions, experiences and entanglements with life itself. I see few kids who drive in their civic’s to universities and I imagine about the thousands for whom catching the place to stand in the bus even matters the most. The dhakkam pail, lrai jhagra over the seats, the sexual abuse by fellows passengers(to women) or just standing next to stinking-upraised- armpit-boy, life may seem hell. I see people partying highlife at 5stars while many people in the same city rush through the garbage to find their “meal”of the day. I see my educated,handsome youth tapping feet office after office for interviews inspite of being highly qualified and yet I see few guys enjoying the priviliges of work either with no qualifications but just “recommendations”(pun intended) or because of being “boss ka beta/beti”. Life becomes an enigma. I see people running 6 AC’s in a house, where I also see people lying on the roof-top’s to kill the deadly hot breeze. I see a 1000-yards bungalow with seperate bedrooms for every individual and I see a small apartment with 3 couples, lots of singles and dozens of children adjusting in the 2-room living. This is how life goes on. We are accustomed to seeing it. But in all these times of difficulties and stress, what binds us together is only “love”. Love may change its from but it resides within us. It spreads an aura that glorifies the universe. It may be in the laughter of a 2yr old who breaks your favorite Cartier watch. It may be in the mother’s eyes when she first glances her new-born. It may be in the man’s head, when he gets a bonus, only to think of his family getting a better meal course that month. It may be in the friend’s voice when you bid him farewell at the airport and he asks “Salay, bhol toh nahin jayega”, or it may be in your lover’s eyes when he asks you to spend the rest of your life with him.
As professionals, we all get engrossed in leading a machine life. But What I say is, take time out for yourself. Laugh with your friends, meet your old buddies, pay a visit to your school, sit few minutes with your mom&dad and ask them to go on a long drive. Yes, they need their romantic life too :-) Spend time with your kids. Ask a peon in your office how is he doing. Give your mechanic a hug for fixing your car. Tell your boss how nice his shirt color looks. Tell your colleague what a nice choice he has in his tie selection or a girl-mate to how well she looks when she ties her hair in a bun. Give small but meaningful presents to your friends. Give call to your long lost buddy that you havent talked for ages. If busy,just send a small sms to your friends saying “kaminon,mein zinda hoon”. Buy flowers for your wife when you go home, give your bhabi a big hug for being such a nice addition to your family or gift your parents a Madhu-bala DVD. I bet, if it doesnt stir a smile and that smile, would be the costliest saving you could ever save for yourself. Agreed, life may not be “perfect” for us, but find life in the smaller packages of happiness to feel better. Give a try, and see how beautiful life looks. Life is just too short to enjoy between your family,friends and work so pick the smaller segments and fill color to it.
Start with forgiving people who did bad to you. I just did! :-)

October 12, 2010

Back to blogging..

So I was away from blogging for the past One and a half month. Err.. Was just trying to find enough courage to be able to write again :-)
Finally. M back. No more tears! :)