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October 15, 2010

The small pleasures of Life

Life’s Good- We all know that. Life’s hard- We know that too. Life is an unending enigma that has its own rise & falls, own fantasies & negativity’s and every person categorizes life upon his own outlook of perceptions, experiences and entanglements with life itself. I see few kids who drive in their civic’s to universities and I imagine about the thousands for whom catching the place to stand in the bus even matters the most. The dhakkam pail, lrai jhagra over the seats, the sexual abuse by fellows passengers(to women) or just standing next to stinking-upraised- armpit-boy, life may seem hell. I see people partying highlife at 5stars while many people in the same city rush through the garbage to find their “meal”of the day. I see my educated,handsome youth tapping feet office after office for interviews inspite of being highly qualified and yet I see few guys enjoying the priviliges of work either with no qualifications but just “recommendations”(pun intended) or because of being “boss ka beta/beti”. Life becomes an enigma. I see people running 6 AC’s in a house, where I also see people lying on the roof-top’s to kill the deadly hot breeze. I see a 1000-yards bungalow with seperate bedrooms for every individual and I see a small apartment with 3 couples, lots of singles and dozens of children adjusting in the 2-room living. This is how life goes on. We are accustomed to seeing it. But in all these times of difficulties and stress, what binds us together is only “love”. Love may change its from but it resides within us. It spreads an aura that glorifies the universe. It may be in the laughter of a 2yr old who breaks your favorite Cartier watch. It may be in the mother’s eyes when she first glances her new-born. It may be in the man’s head, when he gets a bonus, only to think of his family getting a better meal course that month. It may be in the friend’s voice when you bid him farewell at the airport and he asks “Salay, bhol toh nahin jayega”, or it may be in your lover’s eyes when he asks you to spend the rest of your life with him.
As professionals, we all get engrossed in leading a machine life. But What I say is, take time out for yourself. Laugh with your friends, meet your old buddies, pay a visit to your school, sit few minutes with your mom&dad and ask them to go on a long drive. Yes, they need their romantic life too :-) Spend time with your kids. Ask a peon in your office how is he doing. Give your mechanic a hug for fixing your car. Tell your boss how nice his shirt color looks. Tell your colleague what a nice choice he has in his tie selection or a girl-mate to how well she looks when she ties her hair in a bun. Give small but meaningful presents to your friends. Give call to your long lost buddy that you havent talked for ages. If busy,just send a small sms to your friends saying “kaminon,mein zinda hoon”. Buy flowers for your wife when you go home, give your bhabi a big hug for being such a nice addition to your family or gift your parents a Madhu-bala DVD. I bet, if it doesnt stir a smile and that smile, would be the costliest saving you could ever save for yourself. Agreed, life may not be “perfect” for us, but find life in the smaller packages of happiness to feel better. Give a try, and see how beautiful life looks. Life is just too short to enjoy between your family,friends and work so pick the smaller segments and fill color to it.
Start with forgiving people who did bad to you. I just did! :-)

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  1. An excellent piece of thought, very impressive and highly effective (the small tips given above with huge impact on life). For instance, I have been using some of the mentioned tips by the writer like hugging my bhabi for being a nice & sweet addition to my small family and especially when she gave our family a cute, pretty fairy... that was the time we can never forget.. similarly many times we ignore such small acts that can create a big positive impact in our lives. Personally I am engeged in psychiatric portfolio of medicines and as far as my little & limited knowledge is concerned, I have studied the depression & tips to overcome it. All the researchers & scientists have come across the same solution to overcome depressive disorders with such small steps. Thanks doctor sahiba for the wonderful & nice article.


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