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March 31, 2011

Mohali Spots a Star- Wahab Riaz!

Well. The Cricket World Cup 2011is over for the Pakistani fans, but not quite over for Team Pakistan. Starting with a crumbled entry into the tournament with three of their best players involved in the spot-fixing controversy, the captain announced at the last moment , the unpredictable batting side supported by a mighty bowling attack, the way we showed Ausses who the real daddy of Cricket is, to making it to the semi-finals was an experience the fans never got since 1999. Thank You team Pakistan for positively distracting us from the many notions of hatred, violence, terrorism, corrupted system, corporate jealousy and star plus for the last one and a half month. Amidst your good performance, the semi-final match was certainly not the kind we wanted to end our cricketing journey this world Cup, but anyway, thrashing the opponents, finishing top of the group, sending the WINDIES go with the wind and reaching to the semis of this great tournament to let everybody talk (read SHIT: if Chappell appears in your mind) about you, Guys,you have already made us proud!

And as they say, the brightest of stars are seen in the darkest of night, so while the Pakistani fans mourn over the 2nd semi-final at Mohali as a dark day for their cricketing experience, they spot a light that makes way all through the darkness to illuminate us with glowing happiness. The star that radiates us hopeful about the future of Pakistan Cricket. We spot
Wahab Riaz!

Wahab, the 25 yr old left-arm fast bowler, born in Lahore, known in the squad as
Vicky shined throughout the match for those breath-taking deliveries that stunned the crowd at the stadium so much that we had to ask .."Mohali Itna sannata kyun hai bhai". An Indian supporter Mihir Pandya (@) tweeted "It's twenty one players on one side versus Wahab Riaz on the other".

Firstly, a look at the destruction of what Wahab did to the mighty Indian line-up.
*Fifth ball of the 6th over -
The ball pitches on the leg and zips on to Virender Sehwag trapping him leg-before on 38. India score reads 48/1.

Second ball of the 25th over - Virat Kohli edged an away moving ball to Umar Akmal at backward point and he takes it nice and easy. Kohli fell for 9 and India went down to 141/3.

Third ball of the 25h over - The ball comes in swinging and takes away Yuvraj Singh's stumps with it. Yuvraj fell for a duck and India went down to 141/4.

Fourth ball of he 41st over - Traps India skipper MS Dhoni leg-before with a quicker ball on 25. India fell to 205/6.

Second ball of the 50th over - A thin edge off Zaheer Khan's bat is taken by keeper Kamran Akmal. Zaheer falls for 9 and India to 256/8.*

Wahab Riaz kneels down on the ground and perform a Sajda, to thank Almighty for the blessing! [add: &wins our hearts]

*The ball and over update is taken from India Today

Second last ball of the 50th over - Wahab doesnt stop with his might & runs out Ashish Nehra for 1. India 258/9

It was Wahab who was the HERO of the first innings when Pakistan team wrapped up the Indians at 260/9. While moving back to the pavilion, Wahab gave those smiley glares to his mates & cheered with those flying kisses that stole our heart. Way to go boy! My twitter timeline was buzzing with applaud for Wahab thoughout the day from Indians and Pakistanis alike.

Here is to what proud family of Wahab Riaz had to say about his participation in the ICC WorldCup 2011.

Interestingly, Wahab shares mutually two things with Wasim Akram. Left arm pacer & Born in June. Hope to see him following his footsteps in bowling in later part of life too:)

And while I press the "search button" for Wahab, let me take you to an interesting journey over Wahab's cricketing career.

Wahab celebrates as he takes down his first wicket at the Mohali semifinal. Sehwag

This is how I do it,baby!

Dho dia tumhein Dhoni!

Pangraa Paoo, josh dikhaoo! 4 gira diye oye! (Angle 1)

Pangraa Paoo, josh dikhaoo! 4 gira diye oye! (Angle 2)

Mei jhuka hoon iss zameen pe karne sajda tujhe ada!

A five-star - all because of you Allah. Thankyou!

Well, I wanted that cup. Who stole my dream? Someone at my (R)?

Now, I'll go home and be the family guy once again :)

Hell yeah! Thats my grin baby. Did you Macleans your teeth today?

Team Player. Ya' know

Anorexia Nervosa

Wait, Aint I sooper cool in the test white as well :D

I respond your cheers for me, humbly :)

Well, I may be your angry young man!

Dekho mein sab ko cheer karta hoon!

Mera number kab ayega?

Mene bhee woh RAP suna hai. Harra peela, harra peela!

Bus bhye bus ziada baat nai cheap saab!

Kya re saaalay. Fight Club hai kya?

Chalo Trott! Mitti pao

Mene toh mazaq kia tha. Ap is pe serious hogaye aur meri 5 wickets pe nahin muskuraye, bhai?

I was a celebrity already. Internet pe bhee interview aya tha mera!
Style mein bowl karanay ka!

Iss Mazhar Majeed ko toh mene itna sue karna he k is ka sue-sue.... well, samaj gaye na?

Yeh hath ek jadooyee hath hai :D

Dressed to kill in formals, No!

Arre. Ye mein nahin hoon! Mustufa Zahid from the band Roxen. Look alike naa?

I am the five-star stunner.
I am the one who made Mohali silent!
I am the one who did a sajdah at Mohali ground.
I kept the Pakistanis ticking in the game.
I destroyed the mighty Indian line up!
I blew flying kisses to you for cheering me up,
I am the reason of our "graceful exit" from the Worldcup!
I am a youngster, looking for your prayers.
I am proud to make my country proud!
I am Wahab Riaz. I am Team Pakistan!

Way to Go Wahab Riaz. Pakistan Loves You!

P.S: Err.. Wahab are you single?

Thanks to: *Tazeen, for I grabbed her style for the post
*Plus Google & Bing images

March 24, 2011

Why winning the WC is so important for Pakistan

The first Quarter final between the Toppers of Group A- Pakistan and fourthly placed, West Indies from Group B, at Sher-e-Bengal Stadium , Dhaka, saw the rise of the Sher's of Pakistan. No wonder, the soil of Dhaka sniffed the smell of its ex-sons that day!

Pakistan made it comfortably into the semi-final to be played at Mohali, India on 30th March 2011, against India. Well, the skipper and his team has no issues, they are all set to rip the opponents and make way to Mumbai to clinch the cup, inshaAllah. The mood is just right, attitude just perfect and determination fierce enough to take it all away.

Now, what makes us so happy? Cricket is like the next religion in Pakistan, in which everyone believes. The win of this QF brings the celebrations, joys & fervour in Pakistanis like never before. Like we have never experienced in the recent times amidst all these bomb blasts, terrorist attacks, extremism bashes.
At a time when Pakistan Cricket was having the worst spotlight all over the globe , courtesy to the three stars who allegedly were involved in a spot- controversy, darkened by the shadows of Zulqarnain Haider leaving Pakistan cricket with a FB update and when Pakistan's skipper for the worldcup was announced at such an eleventh hour, nobody had hopes for Pakistan in this Worldcup. Such hopeless we were, but seeing Pakistan, fight back as a team, reunite in determination & put up a strong fight to prove everyone wrong, we managed to outclass Australia in the group match convincingly. It was Pakistan who did it then, 12 years back.. and it was Pakistan again, who did it again. Bravo!

Cricket brings happiness in our otherwise saddened nation. But most importantly, it brings good name to Pakistan. Just like Aisam ul Haq messaged the whole world "we are not terrorists" at the finals of the US OPEN, in a similar capacity, twitter trended with #pakistunned at the QF day. Winning this cup means a lot to us. For a country that has been WORLD CHAMPION once, the decision to not able to host the WC amidst security concerns came as a big blow to the cricket lovers all over the country.

Friendly, civilised, active, moderate, happy, glad, easy to approach, judgemental, analytical, strongly patriotic, thinking globally, positive & marching for peace.. People, watch us. We are the real Pakistan. I hope, this WC brings on the world to see us as as we are. The real Pakistanis. The true Pakistan.

GO GREEN GO! and we shall always look forward to stand up, for the champions, I hope, wish & pray! Amen!

March 5, 2011

The winner's win!

I am by no means a cricket analyst. Its just the passion of the game that keeps me alive & kicking. So we witness some great matches at ICC WorldCup 2011 where "Cricket turns out to be the real winner" :-)

I heard many a people waiting for PAk VS NZ encounter after Pakistan's win against Srilanka, because Canada, as we all thought was going to be smashed by Pakistan's strong side. So it was all assumed to be a MAJOR vs MINNOW show at Colombo on the 3rd of MArch 2011, but what we witnessed there is something not short of an angina attack to the Pakistani fans.

The decision by the skipper to 'bat-first' amidst such conditions was question of the century. Were we still fearful of our traditional glory to fear "chase-ups". The way the match started, the Pakistani batting was slow, we expected it to rise gradually but instead what happened was fall of wickets one by one and in such a disgraceful manner, we ended up at 184. The whole team bowled out in 43 overs by a team termed "minnow", all thanks to the medium-pacer Harvir Baidwan! The guy seriously needs "pats at back" for what he did. The whole Canadian line-up infact deserves to be congratulated on what they achieved that day. They took us in fear. The fear to lose match against a team we would've otherwise not even cared to watching.

When the first innings ended, I was sure our bowling is going to do wonders. And it did. Although there was a point in the match when Canada were in a very comfy position and we seemed to be on the verge of expecting another upset like the earlier England VS Ireland match. But.. came in Afridi to rescue at just the right time and just the right place. A lion who fierced with fire, to roar against its opponents. Taking a brilliant 5 wickets down for 23. Another record of taking 3 consecutive 4-wickets in a Worldcup, it was certainly Afridi's day.

Although I loved Afridi's performance, and I cheered for Umar akmal, Misbah, Afridi and Wahab Riaz for their tit bits during the match, it was Canada that I really cheered for. To make our win look so damn worthy that otherwise wouldnt have been. although they lost the match, Canadians were the real winners!

To come out as bravely against a team as Pakistan and to put in their extreme efforts speak courageously of their game, that on the other hand raises a lot many questions at .. was the the winners game? The team aiming to win the Worldcup, at the mercy of just a few players to win a match against Canada?

Amidst all the craze,Well done Canada!

Its high time to think. Although the skill, the class and the passion that we are seeing in our team inspite of the recent setbacks of spot-fixing, our unpredictability as a team still remains very certain. As an ardent fan, I will cheer for that green flag always, but I dont want to have that angina turned to a heart attack of dreaming such a performance in the later important games of the Cup. Plz No! No more repetition of WorldCup'99 finals.

We certainly dont expect you to win every time, but Team Green- we want you to fight like the real fighters, come may whatever, make it a team game and win like the real winners.. and what more, we have always .. and we would always love to..
"Stand up. Stand up for the champions"