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March 24, 2011

Why winning the WC is so important for Pakistan

The first Quarter final between the Toppers of Group A- Pakistan and fourthly placed, West Indies from Group B, at Sher-e-Bengal Stadium , Dhaka, saw the rise of the Sher's of Pakistan. No wonder, the soil of Dhaka sniffed the smell of its ex-sons that day!

Pakistan made it comfortably into the semi-final to be played at Mohali, India on 30th March 2011, against India. Well, the skipper and his team has no issues, they are all set to rip the opponents and make way to Mumbai to clinch the cup, inshaAllah. The mood is just right, attitude just perfect and determination fierce enough to take it all away.

Now, what makes us so happy? Cricket is like the next religion in Pakistan, in which everyone believes. The win of this QF brings the celebrations, joys & fervour in Pakistanis like never before. Like we have never experienced in the recent times amidst all these bomb blasts, terrorist attacks, extremism bashes.
At a time when Pakistan Cricket was having the worst spotlight all over the globe , courtesy to the three stars who allegedly were involved in a spot- controversy, darkened by the shadows of Zulqarnain Haider leaving Pakistan cricket with a FB update and when Pakistan's skipper for the worldcup was announced at such an eleventh hour, nobody had hopes for Pakistan in this Worldcup. Such hopeless we were, but seeing Pakistan, fight back as a team, reunite in determination & put up a strong fight to prove everyone wrong, we managed to outclass Australia in the group match convincingly. It was Pakistan who did it then, 12 years back.. and it was Pakistan again, who did it again. Bravo!

Cricket brings happiness in our otherwise saddened nation. But most importantly, it brings good name to Pakistan. Just like Aisam ul Haq messaged the whole world "we are not terrorists" at the finals of the US OPEN, in a similar capacity, twitter trended with #pakistunned at the QF day. Winning this cup means a lot to us. For a country that has been WORLD CHAMPION once, the decision to not able to host the WC amidst security concerns came as a big blow to the cricket lovers all over the country.

Friendly, civilised, active, moderate, happy, glad, easy to approach, judgemental, analytical, strongly patriotic, thinking globally, positive & marching for peace.. People, watch us. We are the real Pakistan. I hope, this WC brings on the world to see us as as we are. The real Pakistanis. The true Pakistan.

GO GREEN GO! and we shall always look forward to stand up, for the champions, I hope, wish & pray! Amen!


  1. loved the terse and perfect piece reflecting the turmoil we had gone through and how the Lala & Co are turning it all around ! InshaAllah just last 2 steps left to conquer the world.

  2. Nice Blog!
    We'll win InshaAllah


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