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March 5, 2011

The winner's win!

I am by no means a cricket analyst. Its just the passion of the game that keeps me alive & kicking. So we witness some great matches at ICC WorldCup 2011 where "Cricket turns out to be the real winner" :-)

I heard many a people waiting for PAk VS NZ encounter after Pakistan's win against Srilanka, because Canada, as we all thought was going to be smashed by Pakistan's strong side. So it was all assumed to be a MAJOR vs MINNOW show at Colombo on the 3rd of MArch 2011, but what we witnessed there is something not short of an angina attack to the Pakistani fans.

The decision by the skipper to 'bat-first' amidst such conditions was question of the century. Were we still fearful of our traditional glory to fear "chase-ups". The way the match started, the Pakistani batting was slow, we expected it to rise gradually but instead what happened was fall of wickets one by one and in such a disgraceful manner, we ended up at 184. The whole team bowled out in 43 overs by a team termed "minnow", all thanks to the medium-pacer Harvir Baidwan! The guy seriously needs "pats at back" for what he did. The whole Canadian line-up infact deserves to be congratulated on what they achieved that day. They took us in fear. The fear to lose match against a team we would've otherwise not even cared to watching.

When the first innings ended, I was sure our bowling is going to do wonders. And it did. Although there was a point in the match when Canada were in a very comfy position and we seemed to be on the verge of expecting another upset like the earlier England VS Ireland match. But.. came in Afridi to rescue at just the right time and just the right place. A lion who fierced with fire, to roar against its opponents. Taking a brilliant 5 wickets down for 23. Another record of taking 3 consecutive 4-wickets in a Worldcup, it was certainly Afridi's day.

Although I loved Afridi's performance, and I cheered for Umar akmal, Misbah, Afridi and Wahab Riaz for their tit bits during the match, it was Canada that I really cheered for. To make our win look so damn worthy that otherwise wouldnt have been. although they lost the match, Canadians were the real winners!

To come out as bravely against a team as Pakistan and to put in their extreme efforts speak courageously of their game, that on the other hand raises a lot many questions at .. was the the winners game? The team aiming to win the Worldcup, at the mercy of just a few players to win a match against Canada?

Amidst all the craze,Well done Canada!

Its high time to think. Although the skill, the class and the passion that we are seeing in our team inspite of the recent setbacks of spot-fixing, our unpredictability as a team still remains very certain. As an ardent fan, I will cheer for that green flag always, but I dont want to have that angina turned to a heart attack of dreaming such a performance in the later important games of the Cup. Plz No! No more repetition of WorldCup'99 finals.

We certainly dont expect you to win every time, but Team Green- we want you to fight like the real fighters, come may whatever, make it a team game and win like the real winners.. and what more, we have always .. and we would always love to..
"Stand up. Stand up for the champions"

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  1. It was indeed a marvelous performance by Candanians. They had us under pressure during most of the game. The experience and spirit, nevertheless, paid in the end and turned the tables.

    I remember the Canadian captain remarking earlier during the tournament that they would like to stage one upset against a superior side thus aiming to sneak into the quarter finals and they almost came close during the last match.

    Given our poor track record, if there is a choice, I don't think Pakistan will ever like to chase even in suitable conditions and against relatively weak lineups. It is really encouraging the way team has sprung back and forged into a singular unit but the match once again exposed what is our biggest strength as well as weakness i.e our unpredictability.


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