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July 28, 2011

Pakistani Artists Profile Portal Launched at Vidpk.com

Have u ever felt alienated while surfing the world wide web? I do. I mostly do. When I try searching for “most famous movies”, the top results appear of hollywood & bollywood. When I try searching for “most famous actor”, the top results rarely include citations to Pakistani actor. There. I feel lost. I feel sidelined. Who in the world , would challenge that Katrina kaif with a zero potential acting skills is a better actor than Sania Saeed? Yet you know, Sania can be found rarely on our web searches. Why do you think Moin Akhtar wasn't able to trend on twitter while Govind Tiwari did. Well, dedicated Pakistani websites working to promote the softer, progressive image of Pakistan can create an exception. Not only people across the world will be able to see the media/art activities in the country but it will also help portray the world of the real people of Pakistan. People like you and me who live completely normal lives here in the state of Pakistan, which otherwise has been made an issue of contemplated controversies across the globe in reference to terrorism.

A bunch of lightheaded individuals take this burden on their strong shoulders at @vidpk where they provide you an insight to the 1000+ profiles of Pakistani artists, alphabetically. Click to see their pictures, read their biography and the most awesome feature – given at the end of the biogrpahy is a link to the list of all the TV shows they have been a part of and which can instantly be viewed online at www.vidpk.com. The portal also includes profiles for behind-the-scenes people such as directors, producers, writers and more.

Common reaction to this is “Wow”. Uncommon reaction is “Array ..bus 1000+ profiles?” - Chalo koi nahin, atleast you have a fresh start. The database is increasing everyday, so we can hope of a better global presence for our artists in future. Woh kehtay hain na,

“Sitaaron se aagay jahaan aur bhee hain”

And while you go to click the X button to close this window, have a look at the most awesome Lehri sab, to make you smile!

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