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August 20, 2011

Khoon ki holi hai, Khyber se Karachi Tak!

The recent wave of terrorism across Pakistan has sent chills down our spine. Just when we were recovering from the loss of human lives from a suicide blast at a mosque in #Jamrud, #Karachi was hit again by lethal killings claiming 500+ lives uptill now. Since then, there has been a peek-a-boo of bloodshed leaving no point unturned in brutal killings on different ethnic, religious, political and mafia groups in the city. The government is totally at failure to deal with the current situation. 50 people lost their lives in merely last three days and over 300 are barbarically killed in only July-Aug.This is not just "target-killing" now. It has seeped into a deeper level, rotting the roots of our society. Every eye has tears. Everyone is scared. Stepping out of your home early in the morning gives a heartache to the people waiting for you to return home in the evening. Everyday, incidences of firings/kidnappings have lead to a complete halt to the daily routines of the city. 11 people are killed in karachi in the last 11 eleven hours. The fire of blind terrorism is spreading everywhere, and so is the hate/anger/fear amongst people. This seems crazy now. Isnt the government watching? And if the government is unable to stop all this non-sense, why dont they bloody step out of the power? Is there any end to it? While many of us try to portray Pakistan, as the land we know.. inducing positivity, we are thrown back by our own people to a state where hope dies and fear creeps in, slowly & gradually!
And while I write these lines, the President sahab of Pakistan states that no criminal would be spared. But an insecure feeling hit my guts. Who knows may be its me in the headlines tomorrow!

Nisaar mei teri galiyon pe ai watan k jahan

Chali he ras'm k koii na sar utha k chalay

Jo koi chahnay wala tawaf ko niklay

nazar chura k chale, jism o jaan bacha k chalay!

Hai ehl-e-dil k liye yeh nazm-e-bast-o-kushaad,

k sang-o-kisht muqayyad hein aur sag aazad!

Buhat hai zulm kay dast-e-bahana joo k liye,

Jo chand ehl-e-junoon teray naam leva hein,

Banay hein ehl-e-havas, muddaee bhee munsif bhee,

Kisay wakeel karen, kis se munsafi chahein!

Magar guzaarnay walon k din guzartay hein,

Teray firaaq mein yoon subh-o-shaam kartay hein,

Bujha jo rozan-e-zindaan toh dil yeh samjha hai,

Teri maang sitaron se bharr gai hogi,

Chamak utthay hein salasil toh hum ne jaana hai,

K sehar teray rukh per bikkhar gayee hogi,

Ghar'z tassavur-e-shaam-o-sehar mein jeetay hein,

Girift-e-saaya-e-deevar-o-darr mein jeetay hein,

And the following lines are a killer!

Yunhi hamesha ulajhti rahi he Zulm se khal'q,

Naa un ki ras'm naiyee hai, na apni reet nayee,

Yunhi hamesha khilaye hein hum ne aag mein phool,

Naa unn ki Haar nayee hai, naa apni jeet nayee!

Isi sabab se falak ka gilaa nahin kartay,

Teray firaaq mein hum dil buraa nahin kartay,

Gar aaj juda hein toh kal baham hongay,

Yeh raat bhar ki judaa'i toh koi baat nahin,

Gar aaj auj pay hai taal-e-raqeeb toh kya,

Yeh chaar din ki khudaai toh baat nahin,

Jo tujh se ehd-e-wafa istewaar rakhtay hain,

Ilaaj-e-Gardish-e-Lail-o-Nihaar rakhtay hain!

(Faiz Ahmed Faiz "Nuskha Haye Wafa"

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