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December 1, 2011

A Tribute to Captain Usman Ali Shaheed 7A.K

As I start writing these lines, my heart is burdened with grief, my eyes are filled with tears and my hands tremble. I am an ordinary human being. A sinner in life. How would I do justice to write about the bravery and courage of a man who has achieved so much in his life to get the honour of being called a "Shaheed". A young man, full of courage who was at the border while we were in our comfortable homes sleeping in our cozy blankets. A young man, father to a 2 month old baby girl, Rameen, who kissed her forhead before going for his duty and promised to be back home soon. Little Rameen would never be able to see her father, she would never be able to feel his arms wrapped around her, his hands up in prayers for her, her forehead will never taste the sweat of her father's enduring kiss. Had it all happened in a state of war, Rameen would have been the luckiest child around, but it was not WAR. It wasn't WAR. It was cold-blooded murder. It was the eating of 26 sons of the soil by NATO vultures. With these men fighting back courageously to NATO's attack on their own land remains a slap to our foreign policy and poses serious questions over a lot of issues. Why was the Shamsi airbase being operated by US when it was given to UAE? Why didnt the government disclose it to public? What in the world NATO had in mind when they were allowed to SHOOT/OPEN FIRE at Pakistan's own check post killing the soldiers? It doesnt matter. Yes it doesnt, because thousands of innocent civilians die everyday in Drone attacks, but who cares? It doesnt matter because Raymond Davis could blatantly kill 3 Pakistani's and seek refuge in the most friendly manner from Pakistan. Thanks to Parent America! It doesnt matter because we arent humans. Or they dont understand us to be ones. Pakistan has given the price of "War On Terrorism" at its extreme both internally and externally. Yes we are fighting, through our blogs, through our social media forums, through our online presence that WE ARE PAKISTAN. PAKISTAN IS US.. but does that make any difference? Yes it does.. only on the table conferences!

Pakistan's reaction has been strong enough to tell the world that we do respect our sovereignty, but I hardly fear that this is going to bring back the happiness and life of those 26 men killed without reason. 26 families losing their son. 26 x 5 lives disrupted for lifetime!

I am clueless. Wordless. Hopeless.

I know Ambreen @ProudPakistanii for a long time now. Twitter acquaintances. But then she was a young girl with different interests and today she is only the Proud sister of Captain Usman Ali Shaheed. Goin through her timeline will make you weep more for not only Usman, but for another 25 families suffering the same fate.

If anyone from the Shuhda's family is reading this, I would like to say just one thing. Your son/brother have made us Proud. We are honoured that we had men like them in our Army. They are the shuhdaa' and they never die. They will always remain alive in our hearts. Accept our deepest gratitudes for showing us what a thousand drone attacks could not. May Allah be Merciful to you all and give you sabr-e-Jameel. Aameen!

Sahiwal's Jhaal road is named after Captain Usman Shaheed now...!
As a token of my friendship, this is for you Ambreen. Let the world see, how brave and courageous our brother was.

Some chronicles of Usman, shared by Ambreen:
  • Captain Usman Shaheed's daughter was born on 6th September,2011,on Defence Day.
  • Jab tak na Jalien Deep Shaeedon ke Lahu se, Kehte hain ke Jannat mai Charagan Nahi hota! Usman bhai messaged me this sher on this Defence Day!
  • Once I asked Usman bhai something about Army Personnels' patriotism and love for Islam.He replied, "We are Muslims first,then Pakistani,then Army Personnel.We are in Army because of Pakistan."
  • When at first Usman bhai got orders for Bajour agency transfer and I said something about that you shouldn't go he said,"I am in Army for this,not to sit in cantt and enjoy." Later he got transferred to Mohmand Agency instead of Bajour...!

Captain Usman Ali Shaheed, 23.

In Pakistan Scouts Cadet College Batrasi,Mansehra.

Captain Usman Ali Shaheed in Khaarian

Captain Usman Ali Shaheed on his Wedding Day

Captain Usman Ali Shaheed at his Valima

Captain Usman Ali Shaheed's Aakhri aaramgaah

CM Shehbaz Sharif visiting Captain Usman's house

CM Shehbaz Sharifholding Captain Usman's 2 month old daughter, Rameen
This doesnt need any caption!


A report aired on PTV on Captain Usman Shaheed's life

I couldnt help include this to the end of this write-up. Long Live Pakistan!

Shaheed ki jo Maut hai woh Qaum ki Hayat hai,
Lahoo jo hai Shaheed ka woh Qaum ki Zakaat hai

Ai Raah-e-Haq Kay Shaheedon ..