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August 28, 2012

K H A T!

"Prime minister k khat na likhne pe Supreme Court ne unhein naa-ehl qaraar de dia" - News
(Na-ehl = impotent, eh?)

"Naye Prime Minister ne halaf utha lia magar kya woh khat likhengay?" - Such ka bhurta bana k geo!

"Khat - To write or not to write" - A deep melancholic write-up by a wanna be at the "tribune blogs". (Article parh k neeche twitter handle ko follow karna mat bhooliyega"

Such are the atrocities of this Khat. Aik Khatt. Saala aik khattt ...(And you instantly know what Nana Patekar said after this. Aqwaal-e-Zarreen)

This khat-khatahat has blown me into the 90's where I discoeverd my first affair of the muhalla once trying to learn my grade 7th english essay at the chhat. Nazzron nazzron mein isharay and full adaon wale romantic scene got me crazy. The heroine was a dusky damsel baji in my galli living right next to my place and who confessed her love instantly to me whe  i said "Baji, aap ---bhai ko daikh rahi theen na" (Using facebook poke effect). She found a reason for her emotions to spread out (Internet us waqt napa'ed tha). Then shen used to give me a khat to give to her "WOH" living few homes across. The bhai jaan was also a full stud piece. And used to reciprocate equally to all her glares & bares.

I was an honest little honey back then too. Neither did I exchanged their love letters, but also never told this to my mom. Else i know, un ki toh band bajj jaani thee :P
Strange enough, although tempted but I never read their letters.

But I did it once. One love letter that was in my brother's room. I read it. And then handed it over to mom gracefully. Fizza Rahman from CIA - Mission accomplished :D

Ejoy some Khoobsurat khatt's from google bhaijaan. Just for fun.

Spoiler: Aap meri Khaatir naswaar chhor dain :P
Spoiler: Haath mein elaichi muun mein badaam, Khat parhne se pehla mera salaam!
Spoiler: Some love one, some love two, I love one, that ARE you!

Spoiler: Aap pant shillt mein buhat ache lagtay hain :D
Spoiler: Allama Iqbal ki rooh ko thais puhanchate huay un k shair ka zoo-muanee istemal!
 Here is a collection of some epic love songs on "khat" from Youtube.

Respect for the song. But shouldnt Prime minister sahab should also send a phool in his khat. Guaranteed. Mehboob ap k qadmo mein!
Karishma ji k kapde aur ajay bhai ki jawaani. Full aatish! Jab yeh khat likh sakte hein toh PM sahab kyun nahin. YEH KIA BAAT HUI. MUFTI SAAAB!
Khat mene teray naam likha. Haal-e-Dil tamam likha (Pata nahin kitne papers per aaya hoga. Plus, paper bhee college register k honge). When they can ... why cant u PM saab??
Chalo bhai. Inho ne toh khat watt ko b chhor k direct dil pe likhne ki baat kardi. Technology. FTW
 Forget Bollywood. Rafaqat Ali Khan wins. The real reason for not writing a khatt. Beat that!


  1. پوری پوسٹ چیکنے کے بعد کمنٹ کرتا تو تقریبا پون گھنٹہ لگ جاتا۔ لہذا رسید قبولیے۔

  2. Itni lambee post :O Woh bi caaapy paste say bharpoor :O

    Ps get rid of captcha, mujh say parha nahi jaaata :(

  3. war gaye bhae,, didn't understand if it was supposed to be funny or sarcastic or what? jitne khat se related gaane yaad they sub youtube pe search ker ke dal diye ,, wah bhai..aedey tussi blogger :D

  4. یہ زیادتی ہے لوگوں کے خطوط منظرعام پر لائے جا رہے ھیں۔ بائ دی وے آپ اتنے پرانے ھو؟

  5. Salam!

    Umeed hai aap kheriat say hongi.... main bhi kheriat say hi hoon (umeed hai)... aap kay khatoot perhay.. perh ker jo musarrat ka ehsas hoa to maloom hoa Mussart ki 5 missed calls aai hoi hain

    beher haal abhi waqt ki ziadti ki bina per bohat saray kaam nibtanay ka fesla kiya hai... umeed hai kabhi jab waqt thora mehdood hoga, to sirf aap ko "Khat" likhon ga... thora tafseel say

    abhi aap say ijazat chahta hoon... aap nay jis safhay (page) per "Why are u goin thru ma profile?" tehreer kiya hai usper aap ka "Google" wala pata bhi dekha tha aur usi wastay aap ka profile bhi dekha tha

    milta hoon Google per

    apna behud khayal rakhiaye ga


    aik purana jannay wala

    N say Umer :)


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