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November 15, 2010

The message of unity- Hajj 2010

Today the Hajj 1431 Hijri at Arafat is performed by around 2.5million Muslims. The Khateeb of Nimrah Masjid Imam Azam said that Islam doesnt support terrorism. Our religion teaches us to believe in "AMR E BIL MAROOF WA NAHI AN IL MUNKIR" ie " PREACH GOODNESS AND STOP PEOPLE FROM WONG DEEDS".

Every year when I follow the live telecast of namaz-e-qasr (zuhar & maghrib prayers together in 4 rakats)..the moment when the Imam calls ..SUBHAN E RABBI-UL-AALA [PRAISE BE TO THE ONE WHO IS THE SUPREME GOD]..watching 3 million people bowing their heads down in SAJDA ..tears roll down my cheeks. I simply wonder that the religion that teaches us so much DISCIPLINE, that 3 million people bow down to the Supreme Authority without any discrepancy ...can never be a supporter of terrorism.

See the pictures and wonder ...is there any such ritual in the whole world that can be managed so efficiently? The biggest congregation in the name of Allah, in which millions of people bow down to the Super Supreme, people who are black, White, Asian,Chinese, Indian,Turkish, Nigerian,Sudanian..from all over the world,people who are the CEO's of organisations,people who are simply housewives,people who are acclaimed to fame,or laymen... but all these people without the discrimination of cast,color,creed say out loud "Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik. Labbaik, La Shareek Laka, Labbaik. Innal Hamdah, Wan Nematah, Laka wal Mulk, La Shareek Laka"which means "Here I am at Your service O Lord, here I am. Here I am at Your service and You have no partners. Yours alone is All Praise and All Bounty, and Yours alone is The Sovereignty. You have no partners" and millions people bow down simultaneously to the ONLY GOD THEY BELIEVE!! There is something magical, mystical, powerfully mesmerising about these lines. It speak volumes of the La-shareek'a status associated with the Only Master of the world. The Creator. The Supreme force. Allah.

The Hajj is a pilgrimage to Makkah. It is the largest annual pilgrimage in the world, the fifth pillar of Islam, an obligation that must be carried out at least once in their lifetime by every Muslim who can afford to do so. It is a demonstration of the solidarity of the Muslim people, and their submission to Allah.The pilgrimage occurs from the 8th to 12th day of Zu'al-Hijjah, the 12th month of the Islamic calendar.

This year around 3million pilgrims are participating in the biggest congregation of Muslim world.

The Hajj is based on the life of Hazrat Ibraheem A.S who once dreamed that he is sacrificing his son( Hazrat Ismaeel A.S) in Allah's way. When he narrated his dream to his son, the obliged son asked his father to do what he saw in his dream. [This is the height of respect for parents taht Islam teaches us]. All the preparations were made and Ismaeel A.S was about to be sacrificed,when Allah loved his beloved men Ibrahim & Ismail ,who were laying their lives & living the dream just for Allah. Just when Ibraheem was about to sacrifice his son, a lamb appeared and was sacrificed. Allah loved them for their taqwa and made Hajj an obligation for every affording Muslim.

Eid Ul Adha,in which the animal sacrifice is done is also based on this event. The Quran narrates " Allah tak tumhara gosht nahin puhanchta, bal k sirf tumhara taqwa puhanchta hai" i.e Allah doesnt bother who is sacrificing what. its just the spirit in which the sacrifice is done that reaches Allah.

Have a blessed & meaty Eid everyone.
Have ur tikka's and enjoy the festival alike.


October 29, 2010

Our virtual world..

The WWW world. My world. Your world. Our world. The world of global citizens. The universe of global netizens. World of people from all walks of life from the highest management levels, the trouble shooters, the students, the lawyers, the doctors, the journalists, the aspiring writers, the fashionistas, the networkers, the pharmacists, the desperados looking out for "frrraandships", the sultry looking for the right match, the hunks looking for time pass, the moms looking for new recipes, the kids searching for new games, the hi-tech eyeing the latest electronic gadgets, the dadi amma for her bawa-adam k zamane old romantic songs that remind her of the first time she saw & fell in love with daada ji,the papa's for keeping up with 45 year old school friends, the 8- yr old newbies who think that at school,one who doesnt have a facebook profile is so un-cool. The teachers, the researchers, the bloggers, the celebrities, the twitterattis, the diggers, and not forgetting the few criminal minded using this world for their crimes, the internet robbers, the ATM looters, the software stealers, this WWW world has taken everyone by storm.

I wonder, how technologically advanced we've become. In a way, it feels so good, to be part of a network where you have the power to say it all, to be connected to your nursery grade friends, to be able to rewind the magic of your 1st birthday party on a projector screen, and to be able to tell to the world "What's happening" in 140 characters or so, anytime from anywhere! Internet has revolutionized our lifestyle. I feel great about this. You can make friends out of anywhere in the world, have access to every bit of god damn information about any topic in the world. As a friend once said, Earlier it was "Think before you speak" and now it is "Google before you tweet", the world is literally on your fingertips. The Social Networking sites have made life much easier with access to people in such an easy way. New friends who tell you stories from their part of the world, I tell you east meets west and vice versa. Not only friends from the world, but friends from your own country, from cities you never thought could be so cool to produce such indigenous minds. So here you go, knowing about their public life, their personal life and even what they are doing at what time of the day. Some even share how *** his/her spouse looks at th oddest hours of night! (samajh toh ap gaye honge) Add photos, share intimate moments and bang! You become part of this magical world. This magical world, that I am part of. That I love to be at in my prime time of the day, every day.

But suddenly,I realise there is something missing! There is something that is wrong. In the quest of finding new friends, havent we gotten out of touch from our old buddies. We surely have had our nursery grade friend back in our life after 12 years and its feels great too, but what about the only friend of yours who has been with you in the toughest phase of your life in the past few years, who stood by you, supported you, encouraged you. Friends, who have shared the best of your time with you. Would you ever dare to forget their birthday? Thanks to facebook, eh? You proudly list your siblings at your profile, but do you have time to sit around and talk to them over a cup of coffee? When we meet up in the family, that too on events, we are still busy writing (read tweeting) about how sick the old aunties are and what crap your cousins are talking about around you, but do you ever keep your mobile away from you and literally go talk to your dadi amma to know how she has been doing in all these years. How is she coping up with post-daada-ji-life. Do you ever take time to talk to your retired father about the days of his glory, the days of his youth? Do we manage to ask our mom to rekindle us the magical moment when she first saw our face? do we ask them how they have been doing without us in all these years while we were busy at uni/office. We go to work, we are pursuing higher education, we only go home to sleep. We work even at home (read chat), so the usual home dinners of families is lost somewhere. Everyone is eating according to his own schedule. No dine-in togethers. We are busy socializing, mostly at the web. Where are the good old times when guys used to sit at the chabootra's in the gali, the times where night wouldnt fall upon us till we hear our daadi's telling us fascinating bed time stories.

I wonder why do people have to wish their spouse at a social networking site only? Dont you live together. Dont you get two minutes to wish your special one LIVE. Birthdays are wished. Candle-blown images are posted to each other's wall but nothing beats the happiness of having your best friends wake you up at 12 am to wish you birthday in their extreme besuri voice. I bet you over that.
Tell me frankly, out of your 300+ friends at facebook, how many are the ones that you talk to daily? Talk as if you share your life with them. Privacy settings are changed for ecah new addition in your contact list and I bet there must be only 80-100 out of your 300+ friendlist that you'd like to give access to watch your private photos and see private content you share. Having your boss added at your account under the term "friend" doenst make him "friend". Isnt it :)

How many times, you see your virtual friends online at Instant messengers, and how many times do you guys initiate a conversation? Think!
This virtual world may be full of opportunities, but we may take time to think and reconsider our real world image as well. Relationships arent made by making one your sibling at the FB profile, rather there is a lot of time, space and love required to make those relationships work. People who are virtually not present in your cyber world also need your attention guys!

Go give your mom a big hug for being the most beautiful woman ever and a tight hug to your dad for spending his youth on you. Your sister for being the best laraka tayyara ever and your brother for being the best jigarr. Neverthless, give a call to your friends. Speak to them about themselves. After all life is all about making relationships. As I see the autographs from most of my friends in my slambook earlier.. "Make new friendships but dont forget the old ones". Yes,Expand your virtual world, reverberate your network but please dont forget the old buddies!

P.S: FB is mentioned here because our is a FB-addicted nation. I was once too, magar ab mene yeh nasha karna chhor dia hai :p

October 15, 2010

The small pleasures of Life

Life’s Good- We all know that. Life’s hard- We know that too. Life is an unending enigma that has its own rise & falls, own fantasies & negativity’s and every person categorizes life upon his own outlook of perceptions, experiences and entanglements with life itself. I see few kids who drive in their civic’s to universities and I imagine about the thousands for whom catching the place to stand in the bus even matters the most. The dhakkam pail, lrai jhagra over the seats, the sexual abuse by fellows passengers(to women) or just standing next to stinking-upraised- armpit-boy, life may seem hell. I see people partying highlife at 5stars while many people in the same city rush through the garbage to find their “meal”of the day. I see my educated,handsome youth tapping feet office after office for interviews inspite of being highly qualified and yet I see few guys enjoying the priviliges of work either with no qualifications but just “recommendations”(pun intended) or because of being “boss ka beta/beti”. Life becomes an enigma. I see people running 6 AC’s in a house, where I also see people lying on the roof-top’s to kill the deadly hot breeze. I see a 1000-yards bungalow with seperate bedrooms for every individual and I see a small apartment with 3 couples, lots of singles and dozens of children adjusting in the 2-room living. This is how life goes on. We are accustomed to seeing it. But in all these times of difficulties and stress, what binds us together is only “love”. Love may change its from but it resides within us. It spreads an aura that glorifies the universe. It may be in the laughter of a 2yr old who breaks your favorite Cartier watch. It may be in the mother’s eyes when she first glances her new-born. It may be in the man’s head, when he gets a bonus, only to think of his family getting a better meal course that month. It may be in the friend’s voice when you bid him farewell at the airport and he asks “Salay, bhol toh nahin jayega”, or it may be in your lover’s eyes when he asks you to spend the rest of your life with him.
As professionals, we all get engrossed in leading a machine life. But What I say is, take time out for yourself. Laugh with your friends, meet your old buddies, pay a visit to your school, sit few minutes with your mom&dad and ask them to go on a long drive. Yes, they need their romantic life too :-) Spend time with your kids. Ask a peon in your office how is he doing. Give your mechanic a hug for fixing your car. Tell your boss how nice his shirt color looks. Tell your colleague what a nice choice he has in his tie selection or a girl-mate to how well she looks when she ties her hair in a bun. Give small but meaningful presents to your friends. Give call to your long lost buddy that you havent talked for ages. If busy,just send a small sms to your friends saying “kaminon,mein zinda hoon”. Buy flowers for your wife when you go home, give your bhabi a big hug for being such a nice addition to your family or gift your parents a Madhu-bala DVD. I bet, if it doesnt stir a smile and that smile, would be the costliest saving you could ever save for yourself. Agreed, life may not be “perfect” for us, but find life in the smaller packages of happiness to feel better. Give a try, and see how beautiful life looks. Life is just too short to enjoy between your family,friends and work so pick the smaller segments and fill color to it.
Start with forgiving people who did bad to you. I just did! :-)

October 12, 2010

Back to blogging..

So I was away from blogging for the past One and a half month. Err.. Was just trying to find enough courage to be able to write again :-)
Finally. M back. No more tears! :)

August 30, 2010

In the loving memory of Noori !

Happy Birthday Noori, my younger sister. Had you been with us today, you'd have been 16. Sweet Sixteen. Full of color , vibrance and life.
I remember the time when you were about to be born. I was jealous of you. I thought by your coming, my importance &love with maa-baa would descrease. I envied you. But at the same time, I thought about you lovingly. I wanted to be "appi". I wanted someone adorable enough to share my life. To share a room full of pink stuff, teddy bears, and lot of cosmetics!
I have never talked about your death openly in the family. I always wonder, how much courage a mother needs to see a child she keeps in her womb for nine month, lying "lifeless" in front of her. How much courage, a father needs to bury his child, his youngest child in the grave. By doing so, the parents bury all their dreams they wove for their child. I wonder, how difficult it would've been for maa and baa to handle this situation. I wonder, why did I never opened up with maa-baa at this topic. Why didnt I wipe their tears. Because, I didnt had the courage to face this all. Every year, I used to think of you growing. How would you look. What would you call me? How will i be the best appi for you. But these are all dreams Noori. You are in another world. With much safer people than there are at Earth around me. You are lucky noori, you will take along maa-baa in jannat with you (inshaAllah).
I was in raheel bhai's drawing room when I heard Sami bhai breaking the news on phone. I didnt know what to do. But i remember, I picked up the jaanimaz and prayed to Allah. I cried and I asked him that this may not be true.
Nobody told me about your death. Bhai and bhayya knew and even they hid from from me. I acted casually. I believed a miracle would happen and everyone would turn out glad when they will see you alive. That probably was the first time when I got to know that all our prayers arent answered the way we want them. When they brought your body from the morgue, you were so little, and your face was just like bhayya's. You were sleeping peacefully at a little chat'aai. And then they took you away. I remember crying in haanji's laps for the first time. I was sad at the thought that "Now no body will ever call me appi".
When mom arrived from hospital two days later, she hugged and cried so much to see me. Probably, she thought of her other daughter ..had she lived !
Allah has his own plans, we fill our hearts with grief but we learn to bow down our heads to His decisions. I bowed down mine 16 years back and today when I look at the sky ..i see two angels smiling up down to me. Telling me how very much they love their appi. Noori & Shaani, you are never forgotten. You are always here, in my heart my sweethearts!
Happy Birthday Noori ! Appi loves you the most!

The *Child* inside

Ahsan & Muniba- a part of small wonders in my family.

Being the youngest in family makes you vulnerable to a lot of pampering from your family (and people who are even just few months elder than you!). I suffer this "kidomania". As a kid, I always envied the elders for not making me sit with them because they thought "its bad for me" and this attitude pissed me off. I decided to take on a stand and be good to my youngsters so that they develop a sense of worthfulness for themselves. Kids are amazing. They are just so full of life. And I have the best of my people occuring in the age group of 5-16. I am blessed to be in a family that has provided me a lot of cousins and thus, a whole lot of brand new generation around me callin me phuppo/khala/fizzy. I am at my best when I am with these kids. They are full of questions, full of curiosity, ready to jump from the bed with me, ready to bang the neighbour's door whenever I say, always willing to play cricket at even 4:00 am, ready to ask you from where did they come into the hospital and yes,always ready to tell the elders "who" persuaded them to go ahead with these naughty ideas! *sigh*
But life is so good with them. To wake up to their morning cuckoos, to see the shine in their eyes when you talk about "icecream", to make up fake stories for them including spiderman, batman, black man, whiteman, snowhite and Rapunzel together to come up with something interesting for them, and if you try finishing the story in 20 minutes, they'd say you dont even know telling stories. Huh
They will teach you the art of fighting,then forgetting and bein' normal so very well. My mother says I am spoiling the kids. I wonder, if I myself am getting spoiled by their vivacious attributes. They teach you to love, the warmth of their hug is outstandingly great. And I love to spend time with my kids (my nephews/nieces) because they teach me how lovely life is, full of color, vibrance and dynamism. Seein' 'em grow up is a wonderful feeling, and that too when they know they have someone to look upto when they feel down is a downright delight to the senses.

Childhood is the best part of one's life indeed, but even if you grow up, dont let the child in you die- for your life will fade off colour if it happens. Be open to children, I tell you they will always make you learn, relearn and redo LOVE in its purest form like no adult will ever teach you! Proven.

Mohalle ki ronak galiyan hain jaise
Khilne ki zid per kaliyan hain jaise
Muthi mein mausam ki jaise hawaein
Yeh hai buzurgo ke dil ki duyaaein
Kho na jaayen yeh.. taare zameen per!

August 27, 2010

Love chronicles..

Is gravity responsible for people falling in love? We see thousands of couples swinging hands in hands together. In the newest couple, this is a spark, an ignition to contantly know about the better half that keeps them going but what with people having 30+, 40+ and 50+ years of marriages/courtships and still be in love the same mad way as they were years back. i've seen the ugliest of matches, but jab larka larki raaazi, toh kia kare ga qaazi? I often wonder what keeps people glued to each other. I think love is a universal phenonmenon and it has a distinct appeal in diverse ways. Sometimes, even after intense arguments, just a smile can vanish away the negativities out of your way. Love change its form, but it never loses its shape. It never fades away. It can only be the folly of love that can make the imperfections of another person, so perfect for you that you adore them for it. Their specific perfume with a mix of their cigarettes can intoxicate you to death. A colour that he/she always wears. A place that you've been together in some time of your life. The first kiss. Looking at yourself in the mirror only to think how the other person would pursue you this way. Its just the amount of time and sincerity you put into a relationship that works. The spark, the fire, the ignition, the passion is always there, but love, like all great things, endures a path that is full of thorns. One needs to pass it with a lot of courage, and like all great things, what love needs at the end of the day is ,.."assurance" and "re-assurance" to keep the glow lightening.

The perfect imperfections in love

August 26, 2010

A memoir for a dear friend

There are people in life that inspire you. Today, marks the five beautiful years of my friendship with a friend who has been more than a friend, an angel in disguise, guide, mentor, sibling for me, scolding me, cheering me and always taking the best out of me. Thank you Najam, for being such a wonderful friend.
Jeetay raho ! :)

The Show Must Go On!

Every time when a new disappointment hits me, turned down by my friends, let down by my family, ditched by my destiny or dumped by my lover, I know.. I know this is not where I am going to stop. I have to move on, I have to let go things off my mind and never stop moving. No matter how much the heartaches, no wonder how much the pain.. but I have to move on., because..
The Show must go ON !

Inside my heart is breaking,
My make-up may be flaking,
The Show must go on!
I'll face it with a grin!
I'm never giving in!
On with the show!
I'll top the bill!
I'll overkill!
I have to find the will to carry on!
On with the show!
The Show must go on!

August 24, 2010

Zindagi (Exceprt from Peer-e-kamil)

My most favorite exceprt from my all time favourite novel "Peer-e-Kamil"

"Zindagi mein hum kabhi na kabhi uss maqam per aa jatey hein jahan saarey rishtey
khatam ho jate hein.Vahan sirf ham hotey hein aur Allah hota ha. Koi maan baap,behan bahi,koi dost nahi hota. Phir hamein pata chalta ha ke hamarey pairoon ke neechey zameen ha na hamarey sir ke oper koi aasmaan,bus sirf aik Allah ha jo hamein is khala mein bhe thamey hoye hai. Phir pata chalta ha ham zameen per parii mattii ke dher mein aik zarrey ya dharakht per lagey hove aik patey se zada ke voqat nahi rakhtey . Phir pata chlata ha ke hamarey honey ya na honey se sirf
hamein he fark parta ha. Sirf hamara kirdaar khatam ho jata. Kaenaat
mein koi tabdilee nahi aatii,kissi cheez per koi asar nahi perta..!!"

August 21, 2010

Donate Generously for Pakistan Floods 2010

‎1/5th of the country submerged in waters roughly equal to the size of ITALY, 15million people affected, 2million homes destroyed, 1600 dead, 1.6million of crops ruined, 3.5 million children at risk of diarrhea, dysentery and cholera. Starvation and frustration grows exponentially. This is a global crisis, more damaging than Tsunami, Haiti earthquake and hurricane Katrina combined.
Please Donate. And ask everybody to do so.

Help my people. Save my people!

August 15, 2010

Happy Independence Day !

Agreed, we are engrossed in the toughest of times, have the baddest of leaders, awfully bad infrastucture, the worst of catastrophes ..but this LAND OF THE PURE , 63 years back was built with blood.. to sustain and survive and survive, it will! No matter what! We will rise from the ashes, will help each other hands in hand and we will survive. We shall choke but we wont give up breathing. Pakistan, as a country shall "Rise & Shine" and yes we, as Pakistani's shall make it happen, no matter if we have to sacrifice our lives for it. But, we shall never quit and We will never ever give up.
*Sohni dharti, Allah rakhey, qadam qadam aabaad tujhey" ameen!

Happy Independence Day!

August 13, 2010

Psychology Personality Test !

So i took this random personality test. What does it say? have a look;

You’re a stubborn sweetheart... You “love” him.../her only because he/she loves you. If his/her flame puts out, you let go with no trouble. (ha ha ha :p)
You’re undoubtedly good-natured! Most of the time, people are confident to approach you because they know you will consider them.

Some amazing excerpts from "Qasas-e-Nooh A.S"

The recent floodings in 2010 which have brought a natural catastrophical disaster in Pakistan, have led to me think, rethink and shed some light of the fact that..
"Are we under azaab" ?
I am compelled to think that is it the kind of azab that Allah(SWT) imposed upon qaum-e-Nooh(AS) because of their shirk.
While I was reading the details about the "paani ka azaab" at qaum-e-Nooh at Qasas-ul-Anbiya, i found some very interesting facts, infact, i was amazed by them. Sharing them for your kind knowledge.

  1. Kashti pe hazrat Nooh ne hathi ki sar pe hath phera tha jis ki waja se uski naak mein 2 soorakh huay aur istarah us ne kashti k andar ki tamam ghalazat (filth) ko apni soond se bahar phaink dya.
  2. Hazrat Nooh ne hanzir (PIG) ko mardood kaha toh, sheytaan uski madad se kashti per agaya. aur us ne atay hee Hanzir k mathay pe hath phera jiski waja se uski naak se 2 chohay paisa huay aur un choohon ne kashti k andar soorakh karna shru kardia. Yehi waja hai k hanzir ka gosht musalmanon per haram kardia gaya hai kiun k yeh Allah ka sabse napasandeda janwar hai, aur is k gosht ko khanay se insan begherat hojata hai aur uski sharm o haya khatam hojati hai.
  3. Jab kashti mein choohay soorakh karne lagay toh hazrat jibraeel AS se hazrat Nooh ko kaha k sher ki paishani per hath phairain aur is tarha uski naak se 2 billian paisa hueyeen jinho ne choohon ko kha lia, tabhi se choohay aur billi dushman hein.
  4. Hazrat Nooh ne kabootar ko bheja k ja kar dekhe k paani kitna tham gaya hai dunya mein, woh gaya aur kuch geeli aur kuch sooki matti apne paon per laga laya jis waja se pata chal gaya k abhi b dunya per pani buhat hai. isi k badlay Hazrat Nooh ne dua ki k kabootar ko hamesha pyar ki nigah se dekha jaye.
  5. Isi k bad Hazrat Jibraeel hazir huay aur unhon se tamam pani ko 7 hisson mein taqseem kardia jis waja se aj dunya mein 7 samandar hein.
  6. Allah SWT ne hazart Nooh AS ko hukum dia k tamam seeds ko zameen mai bo dain, unhon ne aisa hee kia magar angoor k seeds na milay. Unhein shetaan ne chura lia, jis per Hazrat Nooh ne baazpurs ki toh shetaan mardood ne angoor k seeds dai diye aur hazrat Nooh se kaha k mai bhee is ko bonay mein apki madad karoonga. Zameen mein lomri (fox), sher (lion) aur hanzir (pig) ko halaak kar k us ka khoon dala. Us k baad Hzrat Nooh ne iqrar kia aur aik hissa pani khud dala aur 3 hissay pani us mein shetaan mardood ne dalay. Yehi waja hai k angoor k andar jo mithaas hai woh hazrat Nooh k pani dalne ki waja se hai aur us se jo sharab banti hai woh shetaan mardood k pani dalne ki waja se hai, Yehi waja hai k sharab peenay wale insan ka mizaaj pehle lomri (fox), phir sher (lion)aur phir hanzir (pig) ki tarha hojata hai, tabhi woh na kuch dekha sakta hai aur na hee kuch samajh sakta hai.
  7. Hazra Nooh ne shetaan mardood se poocha k woh kaun se 4 kam hein jin k karne se aulad-e-aadam dozakh mein jayegi toh shetaan bola woh 4 kaam hein: "hasd - hirs -takabur- bukh'l
  • (hasad yani kisi se jalna nahi chahye ,
  • bukhl yani kanjoosi :apni zarooryat pe kharch karna chayay kanjoosi nahi karni chahyay aur khuda ki di hui dolat mein se zakat deni chahyay. Aik hadis e pak mein ata ke jo loog buhl kartay hai yahi dolat qayamat ke din un ke gale ka tooq(yani phanda) ban jayegi;,
  • takabur yani ghroor insan ko baray bool nahi bolne chahyay kisi kism ki barai nahi honi chahyay insan mein kuonke khuda ko ajzi o sadgi pasand hai aur parhaizgaar loog hi us ke mehboob hai,aur
  • hirs yani lalach nahi karni chahyay.
  • Agr kisi mein bi koi ikhlaqi burai (jhoot ,hasdo hirs o takaboro buhl ...)hu tu woh subh fajr ke baad 7 baar sorrah alkafiroon parhay tu har qism ki ikhlaqi burai khatam hujati hai . khuda hum sab ko in sab ikhlaqi burayoon se bachne ki tofiq ata farmayay aur hum pe rehm farmayay(amin)..
  1. Phir iske baad hazrat nooh ne iski sharah isse poocho tu iblis ne jawab dya ke "meine 70 000 saal khuda wande tallah ki ibadat ki hai aur iska hukm manta rha hu(rawayat mein hai ke iblis sabse zyada ibadat ghuzar tha aur sabse zyada ibadat bi ussi ne ki hai lakin aik sajda na karne ki waja se rad kar dya gyaa tu soochyay hum ne kitne sajde choore hain ? hum ne kitne hukm nahi manay ?)...aur jab adam ko allah ne bnaya tu sab farishtoon ko hukm hua ke isse sajda karoo sab ne kiya aur meine hasad kiyaa (ke adam mati ke banay hai aur mein aag ka mein adam ko sajda kuon karonga)isiliyay khuda ki lanat huwi aur dosri baat yeh ke phir ALLAH ne mujse poocha aur ke tune adam ko sajda kuon nahi kiya tu mein magroor hugya ke mein adam se behtar hu isiliyay allah ne apni dargah se mardod kaarar karke nikal dya aur teesri waja yeh ke hirs(lalach )hui adam ko gehyoo khane ki jisse allah ne mana farmaya tha aur meine unhein gehyon khane pe uksaya aur isiliyay woh behshat se nikale ghay aur is duniya ki qaid mein girftar hughay"aik hadis hai ya kisi ka qool muje sure nahi usmein ata ke "momin ke liyay duniya dozakh hai aur kafir ke liyay janat"..aur isi hirs ne adam ko is dozakh mein phenkwaya tha...aur choota buhl hai ke khuda ne buhliyoon pe janat ko haram kardya hai woh hargiz janat mein na jayenge ...iblis yeh waqiya hazrat nooh(alyih islam) ko suna ke chala gya tu baad mein khuda ka hukm hua ke eh nooh tu is kashti ki lakri se aik masjid bana tab whan unho ne usi jodi pahari pe masjid bnai aur us basti ka naam "samaneen "rakha yani iska matlab yeh hai ke tamam adam momin o momina usi basti mein hazrat nooh ke sath rehte the..aur iske chand rooz baad hi hazrat nooh wafat pa gaye.
  2. Aapki wafat ke baad unki aulaad saam,khaam aur yasif baqi rhi yani yeh pori duniya in teenoon ki nasl mein se hai ..ehle arabo ajam saam ki aulaad mein se hai.
This post is based upon "Qasa-ul-Anbia". Any discrepancy may be notified.

Jazak Allah khair !!

Ramadan Mubarak !!

And here comes the month of pure divinity! Comes the month ,where the "devils" are caged and the doors of heaven are wide opened. When Allah descends to the lower skies and asks "Who is he, that asks me for favors? I shall, bless him".
This time Ramadan-ul-mubarak has arrived in such a situation that we are crippled as a nation with economic distress, floods rushing across the country, more than 14million affected, more than 8lac homes destroyed and many villages drowned, and with a recent air-blue crash accident that occured at Islamabad killing 152 innocent people. How heart breaking this all is. We, as a nation are engrossed in so many disasters that the independence day approaching us is not even bringing smiles to us. The effected ppl are going to manage their iftar's and seher's in what ways, we really dont know and it brings much more agony and a lot of pain.
Lets hope this Ramadan brings rehmat for all of us.
Enjoy your special feasts. Do lot of ibada'h and gain the opportunity of getting Allah's Blessing, whole month through.

Ramadan Kareem mubarak!

August 11, 2010

The world of beautiful people !

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" goes a famous saying. Agreed. What if someone doesnt have eyes to see?
Beauty is something that is not only seen. It is felt. It is touched with emotions. Beauty doesnt necessarily imply to havin a flawless skin in females and bare-chest males, rather it is the combined menifestation of one's aura, charisma to make people dwell into love with you. This world is full of beautiful people, all so much different from us, yet so very nice, so very humble. Agreed, that bad people in the world exist more, but isnt it like this the world becomes as you see it. IF you do good, goodness will come back to you(i think so).
For the past couple of days, i 've thinking abt how different people of the world are, it is because of Allah who is the Creator. He has put so much glow, so much diversity in this world that the longer we keep gazing at it.. the more we are compelled to say .."Waraye aqal hai teri khudaai" (God, we cant reach to your imagination)
Beautiful people, great many places, astonishing sights and much much more. No matter if its a black or white, a chinese or a european,we all are connected with the bond of humanity. This world is a heavin, in itself.
Thank You Allah for giving us the eyes to see and the heart to feel this beauty.
God, tussi greatest ho!!

August 2, 2010

Suffering the National crisis

The country is in trouble. BIGG TIME!!

The recent rains and floods all over Khyber pakthunkuwah and Punjab have devatated life like anything. 1100 have already died. Thousands are homeless and millions have no one to seek refuge from. The rains are pouring in and it is estimated that the next two days will bring worse flood for Sindh as well. We have not even gotten out of trauma of the recent airbus tragedy that killed 152 people on board, that this flood thing has hit us like anything.

David Cameron is making obscene comments about Pakistan, standing at the Indian soil that "Pakistan is exporting terror" and he refuses to take his words back. And there we go, our president is out to France and plans for a visit to Britain as well. Rather relieving the people here in Pakistan, he is trying to straighten up the ambassador bonds,huh.

Pakistan Cricket team succumbs to the lowest total against England in the first test match. Worst defeat by 354 runs.

Arent we in a total mess?

May God have some Mercy over us!

Welcome, August !!

Welcome to the month of the pure. The whites and the greens!
We all love this combination, dont we??

We are independent and we respect it all costs.
Pakistan Zindabad :)

Mai kia hoon aur kia khuwab liye phirrta hoon!

And this couldnt be better than this. Wonderful, wonderful read!!

Janey Kyon Shikast Ka Azab liye Phirta hoon,
Main Kia hoonn aur kia Khuwab Liye Phirta hoon,

Usne Aik Baar kiya tha Sawal-e-Mohabbat,
Mai Her Lamha Wafa ka Jawab Liye Phirta Hoon!

Uss ne poocha Kub se nahi Soye,
Mai tub se Raat Jagnay Ka Hisab Liye Phirta Hoon!

Uss Ki Khwahish thi k meri ankhon mai pani dekhay,
mai uss waqt se ansuoon ka Sailaab Liye Phirta Hoon!

Afsos k phir be wo mera na hua Faraz,
Mai Jiss ki aarzoo ki kitaab Liye Phirta hoon!

Friendship Day :D

Friends add colour to our life. They are the sunshine, they are the rains, they are the ones who make life just very easy when everything looks dark. A reason to cherish, a reason to smile, who hide our short comings and the only ones who take pride is us when we fail ;)
Who are ready to lend you their wallet if you are short of money at ur date, but who wont lend u a single penny, if you take them to a restaurant and say yar wallet bhool gaya hoon, tu dey dey mein bad mein de doon ga :D
Who console you and say... koi bat nahin jigarr, meri tayarai tujh se bhee kum hai, chal aja, apper de dete hein, fail huay bhee toh saath hee hongay naa :D
Who grow up with us, who know us inside-out.. these are friends.
Its not necessary to get years to be be friends, sometimes it takes just a few days.
afterall yeh toh tatal dil se dil ka connexion he na :)
My riches do not lie in the material wealth but rather having friends like the ones I have.
Yeh rida-e-jaan tujhey saunp doon k na dhoop tujhko kari'i lagay,
Tujhay dukh na den mere jeetay jee sar-e-dasht gham ki tamaazaten!

Happy friendship day to all my friends!
Stay cool :D

July 29, 2010

The Uncertainity Principle!

We at times, suffer the deaths of our near ones and yet after few days.. we resume life. That's the spirit of being alive. But how uncertain this life is, at one point we are so much engrossed in our lives that we dont even think of the upcoming adversities. Education, Fun, Freedom, Enjoyment, Gettin married, Raising children, Managing a family, Concerns for a career growth, everything seems so inevitable that we in actual, miss out the point of our sole existence. What are we here for? What is the reason of our existence. What is our identity. What do we do, when we are transported from the world here to the unseen world, about which we have heard thousands of time yet we know nothing of it.
We dont know what the future holds for us, yet we have plans, bigger than life itself !
152 passengers on board crashed and landed to the valley of death. I am compelled to think that each person had his own life, everyone his own dreams. Everybody - a story to tell and yet what remains is ... nothing. DEATH only !
This is the fate of life, that we dont write, thats pre-written by the Super Supreme and we merely act as puppets who act in His drama!
There are so many things that you lose in your life, say ur best of the best friends, people you never wanna leave, ur wealth, ur family , a handy mobile phone and so many things.. yet, we have to display the exact note of "sabr", because everything belongs to Allah and we, as Muslims, accept Him as our Lord.

Its hard, its heart-breaking, but today, I thank Allah for all the things he has taken away from me, I will not grieve over them. I will ask Allah to fill my heart with peace and give me the strength to endure this pain.

The messenger of Allah, (P.B.U.H) on the occasion of the death of his only son, Ibraahim said:

'Our eyes are filled with tears, our hearts with grief, but we say nothing with our lips except that which pleases Allah.... Verily, to Allah we belong, and to Him we return.' (Saheeh Bokhari)

Kitna uncertain he sab kuchh, aur yeh uncertainity itni certain honay k bawajood, kitne dharalle se hum sab mein bassti he k is se nikalne ka koi rasta nahin. But, lets hope my friends.. Hope that a new dawn will come!

Raat dhallni toh hai,
anay ujalay toh hein!

July 28, 2010

Khi-Isb Airbus crash!

While rain brought happiness to many of us in Pakistan, today morning an airbus of Airblue flying from Karachi - Islamabad, carrying some 152 passengers on board, crashed at Margalla Hills, Islamabad amid heavy rain & poor visibility.
Initially there had been 5 survivors, but as the day is through, sadly enough, there have been no survivors.
This is supposed to be the second major air-traffic accident, the former being a PIA Airbus A300 that crashed into a cloud-covered hillside on its approach to the Nepalese capital Kathmandu, killing 167 people in September 1992.

May God rest the souls in peace! amen

July 27, 2010

Paanchwan mausam !

Karachi was at its best today. Rains dazzled through the skies whole day. You know my love for these miraculous little drops of water falling from the sky... i love rains !! :)
Rains make karachi, very romantic. A city to fall in love with. Its urban skylines, its magic and charisma.. adds wonder to this beautiful city. the city of lights.
We are lucky to be born in this Land of Pure, where all the four seasons can be enjoyed (though summers take on its toll,a bit longer than others, but even thats a charm for we get MANGOES :D)
Mausam koi bhee ho .. jab tak dil ka mausam acha na ho .. kuch acha nahin lagta.. in 4 mausamon se bhee barh kar hota he.. DIL KA MAUSAM .. jo theek na ho , jo udaas ho toh bahar kitni bhee roshni, kitni bhee ra'anayee kyun na ho ... sab andhera hee rehta hai ..!

July 26, 2010

The Super Supreme Authority has His own ways of dealing with His creatures !:)

Allah is the Supreme Authority. He is the Super Supreme. When I thought, I could change my fate, I could re-write life, the way , i wanted it to be, when I shone with over-confidence, something struck me, blocked my way, and circumstances led me to walk on a way, where I never wanted to go. Then I realised, there is someone else who controls us. He has his own plans. We either accept it or succumb to our fate. Allah showed me that He is the Authr
ority and He has His plans for me. It took me a lot of pain, sufferings and time to realise what immaculous favours Allah did to me by changing my path. Only, if humans could realise !!
Destiny is pre-defined. Fate is locked. Then who says prayers can change the course of our lifetimes? Nevertheless, I have a firm believe. I ask from Allah. Not for my ownself but for many others around me because it is Allah who says .. "mujh se mango, mein tumhari duaon ko qubool karta hoon".
I feel the pain to look behind, last year.. just one whole last year.. what did I ask Allah and what did He give me in return.. all in all His route of plans! :)
I bow down. Because Believers do no question. I do, but thats my human instinct and I know, Allah will forgive me for it. The most happening stuff this year was to meet few people, I never knew I could be friends with and bingo! there they are , in my life, so contrary to me.. yet so important part of my life they have been. And as the night of 15th Shabaan comes closer, I wonder ... what lies ahead for me this year. What fate decides for me. What new things I get into. What do i lose next year ... and what do I gain.
So I make a wish, I make a small silent prayer to The Supreme Authority that "God, Give me the strength to endure happiness in everything that You decide for me. Give a lot of health, wealth, prosperity and serenity to my family and give my "friends" all that they wish for". aameen!
P.S: Can we make a deal on buying a car in prayers?

July 23, 2010

Dance in the rain !

And it rained again.
My sheer love with rains, grow everytime i see raindrops falling from the sky. The dusk, the mist, the fog, the unclarity in the vividness of showers is always pleasing to the eye.
And yet, as always, rains depress me!
Its wonderful to walk in the rain. Tearful, if you are alone!
And btw, have u ever tried rain disco? It happens in many parts of the world with artificially created rains & music systems. Damn. Its amazing! :)

July 19, 2010

Call - Bichar Ke Bhi

Chup mein nahin, na be-zubaan,
kuchh toh suno.. yooonhi kabhi!

Do nothing..

What a boring day it was today. Bad bad mood swings!
I want to go to ireland :D
I want to sit down idle for hours doing nothing.


Down the memory lane..

A paper from my register. Year 2005.

Tere Bin by Rabbi Shergill

Tere bin sann sohneya, koi hor naiyo labhna,
jo dewe rooh nu sukoon, chhuke jo nakhra mera,
ve mein sare mulke wekhiya,
amreeca, roos, malaysia,
na kittey vi koi farq si,
har kisay di koi shart si,
koi mangda mera si sama,
koi hond'a soorat te fida,
koi mangda meri si wafa,
na koi mangda meriyan bala,
tere bin.. hor na kisi,
mangdi meriyan bala !

July 18, 2010

A wonderful morning with my three idiots!

Its always wonderful to wake up in the morning ,rubbing my eyes to watch three little cute little clumsy figures watching me in astonishment. They cherish waking me up. "Yay, fizzy, good morning', now we will play games on computer, then u will tell us horror stories, then u will take us to park where we will play cricket and fizzy will be the last one to bat and then we will go for icecream, hai na fizzy ??
And I love to listen to their plans and making them successful. Its great to exploit their innocent will for the sake of one whole day of pure entertainment, when I tell them " Great plans.but for that you have to ...'' and they exactly know what they have to do. They have to start with a series of kisses and end up giving me head massages with their innocently cute hands.
Its irritating while watching Child''s play, they want to know the story from me, in 10 minutes before it appears on the screen. "us ne aisay q nahin kia, us ne usay mar kiun nahin dia, woh aisay karta toh bach jata, woh bewakuf tha, use pata nahin tha k woh churail he, usay us guriya ko apne friend ko gift kardena chahiye tha''. LOL
And watching cricket with them is a pure bliss. At this age, their love& knowledge of this game is phenomenal. I wish, Moiz joins cricket one day.
Children are so innocent. I feel their warmth. I feel the magical spell of their love which is completely self-less. I love to love them. Ahmed (10), Moiz (9) and my boyfriend Daniyal (8) are like my babies. I've seen them growing. I remember the first time, ahmed learned to walk. When he spoke his first words, when his first tooth erupted .. and there they are growing big, day after day mashaAllah. Its such a wonderful feeling to have them around and fantasize them with a dream childhood,one could have with a loving phuppo, one that I never had ! :)

July 16, 2010

Good VS Bad

Angel. This word to me is much more than "purity". There was a time in my life when I thought I am a very good person. I used to judge people upon what I perceived about them. I didnt know, that this world is a hypocrite place and people have faces beneath their real faces. Faces that may darken your life, may snatch away ur sanity, if you watch them in real. I was 17. Young, vibrant and true. I thought when I dont lie to people, even people wont lie to me. I had fantasies about this world and I was all set to preach people the goodness of nature, trusting each other, believing in friendship and most of all, ethical ways of loving and respecting each other. Then betrayals came my way. Losses, suffering, pain and emotional turmoil took me by storm. It was difficult for myself. But, I gathered immense spirit to keep myself going. I accepted my defeats, I bowed down to the sufferings, but I didn't lose hope. Time transcended me to become very strong. I learned to take people as they are. I met so many people who weren't that religious(includes some of my non-muslim janne wale) but they were far more a better person than I was. I never lied, I used to offer my prayers daily, I used to do everything that a good Muslim should do, but..i realised, abiding by the rules set by Almighty doesnt make me superior in front of Allah, rather its the goodness of nature, the inside person, the heart of a man, the taqwa residing in one's heart is what Allah likes.
I used to call myself "angel" because I thought I was "good". But I met people who were much more better than me in so many things. Who are we to decide about a person being right or wrong. Let the Superior Supreme decide it. As a human, I have my own weaknesses. But atleast I have the courage to accept my faults, ask Allah for forgiveness and try to be a better person than I am now!!

Pari jab apni buraiyon per nazar,
toh nigaah mein koi bura naa raha ..

If I Let You Go- Westlife

Ma most favorite. Everrrrr !!

Nobody knows, i hide it inside,
i keep on searching but i cant find..
and once again, i am thinking about ..
taking the easy way out..

Tujh se bhee ..

Faiz Ahmed faiz''s one liner, to sum up today!

Duniya ne teri yaad se begaana kar diyaa
Tujh se bhi dil-fareb hain, ghum rozgaar ke

Shab bakhair!!


Cant just get over with this song. Favoritest by BSB !!

July 14, 2010

My love for DCH- once again !!

I watched it after a really long time, almost after 7,8 years but I laughed to it as it was the first time.
When its about *friends* , *life* , *fights* and *endless tafreeh* ..DIL CHAHTA HAI cannot get better. There are certain sequences that I really enjoy , like the scene at the rolleroaster ride, aakash's depiction of Opera singer. Sameer's every-week-new-love and Sid's expressions. When Sid, declares his love for the lady, luv his dialogue .."and i am not sorry for that".

And once again, after 3 hours of non-stop laughter..when the movie ended, I suffered from the same depression & insomnia. I miss being with my friends.

Kesa ajab yeh safar hai,
socho toh har ek hee bekhabar hai,
usko jana kidhar hai,
jo waqt aye,
kia dikhaye ...

Grey's chemistry

While deciding to dress up for office, the only thing on my mind is to wear something that is not a repeatition in terms of colour only. I wont wear black for two consecutive days. Exceptions happen when I dont want to iron my clothes. (I am bad, bad, bad at ironing. I actually hate it)
Last night, out of nowhere, it came into my mind to wear grey, that I usually do not. Its quite a boyish color. I just wanted to wear it to distract myself from all the colorful happenings of my life. I wanted to look dull and different. So i wore grey. Boring, dull, inactive look.
I remember, one of my friend used to wear grey shirt with an awesome tie and I used to be obsessed by it. While I entered my office, I saw my friend (professional)who usually wears very light shades, I saw him in grey and exactly the same GREY that my earlier friend used to wear. I couldnt help smiling at the coincidence. Now, when I stepped in my room, saw the other friend in grey too. It felt like AWESOME. Dont know why, but this was surely the best-ever thing we shared. The magic of GREY. And I loved it. Our "Grey chemistry" :)

July 10, 2010


They say.. "The only thing permanent in life is change"
Thanks but no thanks, that it stands true in its deepest meanings. Human life is all about experiencing changes every day, every minute. Its like a road where a u-turn can appear out of nowhere and you are left with no option to succumb to it. You like it or not, but changes are there.. in people, in attitudes, in priorities and change always occurs with the passage of time. Its how we react to those changes make us a successful person or keep us a loser.
Transitions are necessary. They are bound to make you strong, give you insight of the experienced world and help you deal with life more maturely and more strategically. But there are certain changes..in people.. that hurt you. No matter how much you escape from them, they hit you, they creep like bugs into your life. They are gothic. They follow you like ghosts.No matter how much you hide from them, they resurface .. like angina. Powerful but not fatal. They hurt you deep and you yet manage to survive.
I am surviving. Choking. But yet surviving. Adhering to the changes that your time and your priorities made in my life, without my consent, without my wish.
"Its hard to hold a candle in the cold november rain.."
But, give up.. I wont. I'll be stronger than ever. And I wish, you just wait & watch.

July 9, 2010

An old learning revived today..

Apnay kia, paraye kia .. sab rang hein ek say..
kachhe sab dhaage hein.. yeh bandh hein ra`et kay..
manzil na sathi he, chalta hoon mein bekhabar ..

extracted from: reath`s bhulado!

July 8, 2010

Is se pehle k bevafa hojayen!

Is se pehle k bevafa hojayen,
kyun na ai dost hum juda ho jayen,

tu bhee heeray se hogaya patthar,
hum bhee kal jane kia se kia hojayen?

Hum bhee majboori'on ka uz'r karen,
phir kaheen aur mubtala hojayen!

Hum agar manzilein na bun paye,
Manzilon tak ka raasta hojayen..!

Ishq bhee khail he naseebon ka,
khaak hojayen, keemiya hojayen!

Bandagi hum ne chhor di hai faraz,
kia karen loag jab khuda hojayen!

Ahmed Faraz. Owssum read!

July 6, 2010

Rain me blue !!

And i just love the magic of the sondhi sondhi matti ki khusbhoo after rain. Oh, i just love it!! :)
And after a strong heat wave, finally we saw God`s blessing in the form of tiny droplets of water splashing through the skies and falling upon us as His Love to us.
I pondered.. do I love rain much or did I love you much. The answer was obvious!
Rains have never been the same, since you arent around. The magic, the pureness, the bliss, the charisma of rain has just faded away sumwhere. I still love the rain, like I love you. But likewise rain olways makes me sad. Ever since I dont see you through my window, smiling in the rain.. my heart always goes grey in rain. I am blue without you.

Baarishon k mausam mein,
tumko yaad karne ki ,
adatein purani hein..
ab ki baar socha hai,
adatein badal denge,
phir khayal aya k,
adatein badalne se,
barishein nahin rukteen!

July 5, 2010

Chale They Saath Saath - Junoon

A wonderful, wonderful song!!

Chalay.. chalay thay saath saath
Rukay..rukay thay saath saath

kitna haseen tha apna safar
saaray jahan ki khushian theen saath
bichar gayay hum dukh ki hay baat

meri zindagi mere saath nahin

Chalay.. chalay thay saath saath
Rukay..rukay thay saath saath

kese na karta usko main pyar
uski hansi mein sukh thay hazaar
bichar gaye hum dukh ki hai baat

meri zindagi mere saath nahin

kia socha hua tha
duur ho kay mila kia
main nay uss kay dil ko tora kia?
ya phir uss nay mujh ko chora kia?
bandhan tha yeh tora kia?

baat mairi sunn lay woh
kaash daikhay mujhay woh
sochon main yun khoya hon main
jaga hon ya soya hon main?

jaanay kitna roya hon main!

Chalay.. chalay thay saath saath
Rukay..rukay thay saath saath!

July 3, 2010

Midnight at the sea..

Vast. Gigantic. Like a lover that never betrays you. And its the most obvious friend I have, always fully prepared to embrace me with wide arms. The sea.
All I could hear there were the sounds of my silence. My disembling thoughts. My array of life`s eternal prosthatetics. I always enjoy this extreme silence where the only noise i can hear directly is generated from my heart. I sit at the rocks. The water splashes over me and everytime it touches my feet seems like the first time I stepped into water with you. snobbishly, like a little kid who learns to walk by following the pattern set by his guardian to walk. You taught me all the obvious things in life. How to talk, how to help, how to do this how to do that. But you never told me .. how to react when you leave me. How to suffer the pain and yet smile at the world. You didnt tell me ever, that alone at midnight .while throwing pebbles into the sea, when it occurs to me that you arent there for me, what should I do. I walk past the shore in hurry. I play heavy rock to divert my attention.. but the only face crossing my mind remain yours. And I dont have any clue ..Why?
Samandar mein utarta hoon toh ankhein bheeg jati hein
Teri aankhon ko parhta hoon toh aankhein bheeg jati hein
Tumhara naam likhne ki ijazat chhin gai jab se
koi bhee lafz likhta hoon toh aankhein bheeg jati hein
Mein hans k jhail leta hoon judaai ki sabhi rasmein
galay jab uss k lagta hoon toh aankhein bheeg jati hein!

July 2, 2010

Another blast..

And last night,once again we were flooded with pictures of blood,flesh and extreme disgust following the LIVE coverage of suicide bomb blasts at lahore's Data Darbaar.
The bombers are supposedly beleived be in the age bracket of 20-22 yrs. Such young minds and such extreme hatred for life that they not only killed themselves but also were the reason to finish off the life forn 41 people with 175 seriously injured and hundreds of families that are left helpless after the sad demise of their husbands,sons and daughters.
Where will these bomb blasts lead us? Where will we end up? one day we have the blast,we mourn next day and everything returns to just NORMAL in the next 24 hours till we get another blast. We are so used to of this stuff. Our parents have given us all the very best in our lives.. but |Iwonder what are we going to give to our kids in the next 10 years?bomb blasts, crippled economy, dark future and a system that no longer exists!

Time to ponder. Where are we heading like this? Who is responsible and what needs to be done for the preservation of this nation and its people.

July 1, 2010

Log hum se khafa khafa se rahe !

What a wonderful read by Javed Akhter.

Yahi Halaat Ibteda Sey Rahey
Log Hamsey Khafa-Khafa Sey Rahey

Bewafa Tum Kabhi Na Thay Lekin
Yeh Bhi Sach Hai K Bewafa Sey Rahey

In Chiraagoon Mein Tel Hi Kam Tha
Kyun Gila Phir Hamein Hawa Sey Rahey

Behes, Shatranj, Shair, Mousiqi
Tum Nahin Rahay To Ye Dilaasey Rahey !

June 30, 2010

Ta'lluq rooth jane se, kabhi toota nahin karte !

Main sun k uski sub batain,
Faqat itna hi kehta tha,
Khafa hona mana laina,
Yeh sadiyon say riwayat hay,
Muhabbat ki alamat hay,
Gilay shikway karo mujh say,
Tumhain yaara ijazat hay,

Magar ik baat meri bhi,

Zara tum yaad rakh laina,

Kabhi aisa bhi hota hay,

Hawa’ain rukh badalti hain,
Khiza'ein laut aati hain,
Khata’ain ho hi jati hain,
Khafa hona bhi mumkin hay,

Khata hona bhi mumkin hay,
Hamaisha yaad rakhna tum,
Ta’aluq rooth janay say,
Kabhi toota nahin kertay…!

June 29, 2010

Living in the afterglow..

"Here I am, lost in the light of the moon
that comes through my windows,
Bathed in blue,the walls of my memories divides the thorns from the roses,
its "you" and the roses"
my mind drifts away,
you only have today,
touch me and I will follow,
in your afterglow,
kill me from all this sorrow,
as I let you go,
I will find my way,
I will sacrifice,
and I am living ..
in your afterglow"

Its June 29 today. Its a sunny day, but for me, it has been a day of heavy rains. Rains of memories that fall over you like hard stones. I've never been this depressed in the loneliest of times. Then why today? There has been so much that I havent caught up in ages, but there has been so very much that I have got as a blessing from Allah, but why humans have to always regret. Why dont I show contentment even though I know how much I feel contented.
Talking to a friend yesterday,I confessed that I never want to see "university" again. The place where I have spent the best years of my life, so care-free, with so much laughters, fights over nothing and a reason to celebrate each day without any reason. Sitting together and sharing the joys of bunking classes, Crying together if any one misses out to pass,all those wonderful memories fill my eyes with a saltish liquid. Its been 18 months. I've just been to that place twice, and all alone , and I never want to go there again. Had I knew,there would be tears after all those years os smiles, ihad i knew there would be loneliness after so many joyous moments, I wouldn't have opted to live that life. I miss my friends so much. But we all have grown up, we all have different responsiblities to handle, but I never knew that it would be so heart-breaking to call them to meet and listen that they are busy. Busy! who is not? but for friends.. no, never! I miss them all so dearly. I miss my Pirogenzz tree, i think it is all alone there .. but standing with it, sharing the grief is me. Life goes on, and so we do. I miss my friends, but I dont wish to see them again cuz I know if i see their face, i will remember all the pain that I have gone through. And the pain has now subsided, I dont want the numbness to rise again.
Goodluck to all that you do in ur lives, friends.
You shall always be close to my heart !!

June 26, 2010


"It was a foggy evening. I had gone out to buy some groceries. Had I had any other suitable thing to eat that night,I would'nt have gone out at all. The mist was creating chills in the environment. While outside,people were very less in number, still there were many out there to wrap their day's earnings to go home with their collections. Aah, life! And there I saw a middle aged woman, in extreme cold weather, she was dressed in a mini skirt, her bare legs covered with a net stalking, which werent even able to hide her nor give her the warmth she required. She was bargaining with a customer and she agreed for 20 dollars. She had 3 kids to feed and there was no other way out for her, so she chose this way"
While I read this description in one of my favorite novels, I stopped to think about that lady who had chosen to sacrifice a decent lifestyle, so that she could feed her kids. Responsibilities sometimes can be fatal. A person of my origin, my ethnicity would regard her act as totally INDECENT but who knows the physical hardships and mental pressures she had to go through to opt for a lifestyle that is meant to be this way.
We all are in awe of getting decepted by the physical appearances of people. We never see what's inside the heart. A boy with a beard will always be considered "shareef" in our society, no matter what he does. A girl, following burqa will always be a "shareef larki", no matter if she takes that burqa out immediately after reaching her workplace/institute. We all love to judge others at the cost of their physicalities.. and more or less, we are deceived everytime. To survive in this world, you need to slaughter your moral values and adjust them according to the sub-standards set by this world. Values, that are unethical. Rules that are brutally immoral. Why cant we be true to ourselves and BE OURSELVES. Why is it necessary to confide things in heart and be good to others in face. We are losers, because we dont have the courage to face the reality. Be it ours. Be it others. We would backbite about others but in face, we would be complimenting abt the same person. Cant we have same standards for everyone? The parameters on which I judge people are the same on which I expect them to judge me. But, aah ..people and this damn world, if you are a true person, you dont like to bribe, you dont sin, you dont tell lie.. then join the club. WE ARE MISFITS ! and sometimes, this feeling hurts and hurts a lot. Wish somebody could see the unseen dreams behind the true eyes.
Ab dekh yeh meri ujree hui aankhein,
dunya tere bare mein mere khuwab buhat thay!

May 7, 2010

Shoaib-Sania "Veer-Zara, Version 235.7,Inc "

This aint the first time, we are hearing love blossoming between the mango-people (aam loag) of arch nuclear-rivals, India & Pakistan.
Why I refer to Shoaib Malik & Sania Mirza,here as AAM LOAG is because when they are out of sports, they are ordinary people like us, who have a life that is meant to be private, which never happens, since the people of subcontinent love gossiping about celebrities private life, here, there and everywhere.

The news came as a pleasant surprise to people of both the countries,especially Pakistanis who were sick of watching the hindi masala of bollywood flicks where the girl HAD to be necessarily from Pakistan, falling in love and leaving everything behind (including her morals & ethics) for the INIDAN guy. Not very filmi in its style, this time, the scenario is simply ROUND THE WICKET,with an Indian super tennis celebrity princess falling for the hearthrob young superstar of Pakistan. The couple is totally loveable!!

I heard Sania, reacting very maturely to her decision. She is positive about what she has chosen in her life, she seems excited about her future with Malik and at the same time, she still makes it clear that she is an Indian and will be a loyal one in the times to come. (Bravo, girlie)

As a Pakistani, I am excited to see her being married to Malik. This makes clear how wonderfully the people of Pak & India can relate to each other (if they want to). Indicating the thin line of rage and fire that has been ablazing us for the past 62 years. I am a prolific supporter of the two-nation theory, yet I beleive, there is a much better way to living the life than what we have adopted as neighbours since the partition occured. A lot of it is to be blamed by extremists at both sides of the border, yet ..it is nevr too late to mend !

Though i wish the best to this couple,yet I think Shoaib doesnt match the persona, Sania has, as a female sports person. Shes very strong & determined. Lets hope Shoaib manages to uplift her dreams & make her proud for the rest of her life. (amen)

As for Sania, shes a wonderful girl. A girl,who truely deserves to be applauded for what she has given to the Muslim girls all over the world, a persona of diversification, a charm of legacy, a smile to die for and the power of being "MYSELF". Her marriage is not going to change aything in the future of Pakistan tennis because she has all the rights to play for her country, as long as she plays tennis. Imagine turning up into a pak-indo match with Sania representing PAkistan.. WOOH.. not acceptable boss !!!...and yes. She will be as much Indian after marriage,as she is now. Thats reality and we respect it at all costs!

The sport stars unite this april. Lets hope for a better beginning for them as a couple and for us,the people of Pakistan & India.. with open hearts to each other!

Depending champions, Yo !

So, finally we lost the match against England. I had a bet with my chhoti bhabhi. She said we gonna lose. I said we wont, because i know how much it took for us to be in the Super-8 and we just couldnt afford to lose the match like THIS!
I mean, this was THE chance for the team to show they are the defending champions, to remove the stigma of being dePending champions.. dependent upon Aus & bangla match's fate to decide our entry into the super8.
Every cricket lover saw the difference between the winners and losers, between the spirit shown by Kevin Pieterson and the Pakistani team. As a die hard Pak team fan, i prayed for some miracle that we may win the match .. but yeah, catches win matches.. not miracles.. and above all, the PASSION, the JUNNOON, the FIRE, the IGNITION ..to retain the crown of CHAMPION..has its say and unfortunately we lack that, or dont know how to use it.
Kudos to England for the absolute win and Bravos to THE MAN.. Pieterson!!
If Pak team keeps on playing like this, if the captain doesnt take the responsibility of losing and say "DONT KNOW WHY WE ARE DOING BAD FIELDING".. then who.. tell me..WHO WILL STAND ..WHO WILL STAND FOR THE CHAMPIONS.. THE DEPENDING CHAMPIONS, EH ?