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August 30, 2010

The *Child* inside

Ahsan & Muniba- a part of small wonders in my family.

Being the youngest in family makes you vulnerable to a lot of pampering from your family (and people who are even just few months elder than you!). I suffer this "kidomania". As a kid, I always envied the elders for not making me sit with them because they thought "its bad for me" and this attitude pissed me off. I decided to take on a stand and be good to my youngsters so that they develop a sense of worthfulness for themselves. Kids are amazing. They are just so full of life. And I have the best of my people occuring in the age group of 5-16. I am blessed to be in a family that has provided me a lot of cousins and thus, a whole lot of brand new generation around me callin me phuppo/khala/fizzy. I am at my best when I am with these kids. They are full of questions, full of curiosity, ready to jump from the bed with me, ready to bang the neighbour's door whenever I say, always willing to play cricket at even 4:00 am, ready to ask you from where did they come into the hospital and yes,always ready to tell the elders "who" persuaded them to go ahead with these naughty ideas! *sigh*
But life is so good with them. To wake up to their morning cuckoos, to see the shine in their eyes when you talk about "icecream", to make up fake stories for them including spiderman, batman, black man, whiteman, snowhite and Rapunzel together to come up with something interesting for them, and if you try finishing the story in 20 minutes, they'd say you dont even know telling stories. Huh
They will teach you the art of fighting,then forgetting and bein' normal so very well. My mother says I am spoiling the kids. I wonder, if I myself am getting spoiled by their vivacious attributes. They teach you to love, the warmth of their hug is outstandingly great. And I love to spend time with my kids (my nephews/nieces) because they teach me how lovely life is, full of color, vibrance and dynamism. Seein' 'em grow up is a wonderful feeling, and that too when they know they have someone to look upto when they feel down is a downright delight to the senses.

Childhood is the best part of one's life indeed, but even if you grow up, dont let the child in you die- for your life will fade off colour if it happens. Be open to children, I tell you they will always make you learn, relearn and redo LOVE in its purest form like no adult will ever teach you! Proven.

Mohalle ki ronak galiyan hain jaise
Khilne ki zid per kaliyan hain jaise
Muthi mein mausam ki jaise hawaein
Yeh hai buzurgo ke dil ki duyaaein
Kho na jaayen yeh.. taare zameen per!

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  1. great.u exactly described wat i feel abt my nephewes n neice:-)


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