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August 2, 2010

Friendship Day :D

Friends add colour to our life. They are the sunshine, they are the rains, they are the ones who make life just very easy when everything looks dark. A reason to cherish, a reason to smile, who hide our short comings and the only ones who take pride is us when we fail ;)
Who are ready to lend you their wallet if you are short of money at ur date, but who wont lend u a single penny, if you take them to a restaurant and say yar wallet bhool gaya hoon, tu dey dey mein bad mein de doon ga :D
Who console you and say... koi bat nahin jigarr, meri tayarai tujh se bhee kum hai, chal aja, apper de dete hein, fail huay bhee toh saath hee hongay naa :D
Who grow up with us, who know us inside-out.. these are friends.
Its not necessary to get years to be be friends, sometimes it takes just a few days.
afterall yeh toh tatal dil se dil ka connexion he na :)
My riches do not lie in the material wealth but rather having friends like the ones I have.
Yeh rida-e-jaan tujhey saunp doon k na dhoop tujhko kari'i lagay,
Tujhay dukh na den mere jeetay jee sar-e-dasht gham ki tamaazaten!

Happy friendship day to all my friends!
Stay cool :D

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