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August 15, 2010

Happy Independence Day !

Agreed, we are engrossed in the toughest of times, have the baddest of leaders, awfully bad infrastucture, the worst of catastrophes ..but this LAND OF THE PURE , 63 years back was built with blood.. to sustain and survive and survive, it will! No matter what! We will rise from the ashes, will help each other hands in hand and we will survive. We shall choke but we wont give up breathing. Pakistan, as a country shall "Rise & Shine" and yes we, as Pakistani's shall make it happen, no matter if we have to sacrifice our lives for it. But, we shall never quit and We will never ever give up.
*Sohni dharti, Allah rakhey, qadam qadam aabaad tujhey" ameen!

Happy Independence Day!

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