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August 27, 2010

Love chronicles..

Is gravity responsible for people falling in love? We see thousands of couples swinging hands in hands together. In the newest couple, this is a spark, an ignition to contantly know about the better half that keeps them going but what with people having 30+, 40+ and 50+ years of marriages/courtships and still be in love the same mad way as they were years back. i've seen the ugliest of matches, but jab larka larki raaazi, toh kia kare ga qaazi? I often wonder what keeps people glued to each other. I think love is a universal phenonmenon and it has a distinct appeal in diverse ways. Sometimes, even after intense arguments, just a smile can vanish away the negativities out of your way. Love change its form, but it never loses its shape. It never fades away. It can only be the folly of love that can make the imperfections of another person, so perfect for you that you adore them for it. Their specific perfume with a mix of their cigarettes can intoxicate you to death. A colour that he/she always wears. A place that you've been together in some time of your life. The first kiss. Looking at yourself in the mirror only to think how the other person would pursue you this way. Its just the amount of time and sincerity you put into a relationship that works. The spark, the fire, the ignition, the passion is always there, but love, like all great things, endures a path that is full of thorns. One needs to pass it with a lot of courage, and like all great things, what love needs at the end of the day is ,.."assurance" and "re-assurance" to keep the glow lightening.

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  1. Like your post it's really heart touching. May Allah give you and your family courage. Ameen Sumameen.

    Twitter: @Devil_Coder


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